Jards Macalé-very, very well and live

The artist gets a box with live recordings made between 1977 and 1983. Many of them previously unpublished

Jards Macalé is the type of artist that cannot be heard with little attention. Nothing in it or in its path is obvious. So, always demand a longer time to make the criticism of any of your disks. Even more when they are four, three of them previously unpublished.

The box Jards Macalé live rescues historical records. As the show's release of the album Contrasts (1977).

Released by the label Discobertasspearheaded by researcher Marcelo Fróesbrings, still, a rare presentation: for the internal Prison of the Papudain Brasilia, on 11 September 1978.

— This project is a result of the work in the collection of Macalé. Was missing to make this box with memorable shows and tells how he departed from the record labels and became independent — explains Fróes.

Document history

The box still brings The back to Victoryrecorded at the Teatro Carlos Gomes, in 1981. And also the encounter live in the studio with percussionist Naná Vasconcelos (Lets Play That(1983).

As the majority of the historical records, some of the recordings came from the private book collection of Macalé —, the sound quality does not compare with the quality and importance of the performances. That doesn't matter much.

The four shows Macalé

Prison of the Papuda

Of the four shows, the most interesting is the one recorded in the Prison of the Papuda (1978). Macalé parades a series of songs from the repertoire of the also brilliant Moreira da Silva, with whom excursionava at the time.

Jards Macalé Sings in the Prison it's a delicious, unpretentious, and the improvised homage to the master of the samba de breque.

Acertei no Milhar, Olha o Padilha and Yes or Noare worth leave aside any deficiency in the audio quality. Macalé & Cia appear in full form. And seem to be revelling in the fun of an audience at all common.

The comments between the songs are a derisive trip, as well as sing The Criminal Court to the internal. Impagavelmente not to be missed!

Contrasts Live

Contrasts Live to mark the release of the album of the same name. It was recorded at the Teatro Teresa Rachel, in Copacabana (current Teatro NET Rio).

In it, we see a Macalé more serious. However, no less anarchic and cursed, with its harmonies complex and dissonant chords, and surprising coming out of your guitar.

There are 22 songs (double CD) in the format stool and a guitar, on a record much more professional that the captured in prison.

The work of editing and mastering enhances the quality of the songs and a great nterpretação of the artist.

The Back to Victory

The Back to Victory (1981) helps to compose a picture melodic, crazy, and lyrical of Macalé. Logo in the opening, The Best Thing in the World (Jards Macalé/Xico Chaves) is a great example of this mix. As well as the ode bossanoviana Chega de Saudade (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Vinicius de Moraes), which closes the disc.

In the middle of it, the million dollar ghost samba de breque Takes off his Glasses and Collects the Man, partnership Jards and Moreira da Silva. Tells the story of the arrest of Macalé, years before, had sung songs that were not in the roadmap of the censors — the things of the military dictatorship.

I was lying down in my apartment
Sleeping peacefully
Delivered to the arms of Morpheus
When he reached a pharisee...
A not only, were some ten or twenty, espadaúdos
The men who gave the impression
Of land of ten from the front
For twenty-four funds
That was saying, “get up it's time
The time is here, let's immediately, without delay”
I was stunned and I called Morengueira
He was staying at the same hotel
And I was saying, “oh Kid, come here!
The man wants me to talk to!”
I'm going to fulfill my role
It is their destiny, it is written there in the sky...
At this point, poor my heart:
Downstairs was waiting for me, door open, a a
And there I went, with my brother Moreira
We were singing, took it as a joke...

Let's Play That

The CD that closes the box is, perhaps, the least interesting, Let's Play That. Not for its quality, but because it has already been released in 1994, despite having been written in 1983, in a climão jam session in the studio, between Macalé and the percussionist Naná Vasconcelos (1944-2016).

In this record, the sound quality is impeccable and the performances are inspired. All backed by one of the members of the Point Cold!

A strange history for a disk that deserved to be (re)discovered.

— Me and Nana always wanted to record an album together. I met him at “Gotham City“ at the Time; we were rehearsing, so and thing, then suddenly, from the top of the stage, I looked and saw, had that guy there, already doing percussion: “Can I come in?”. I said, “Be at ease”. It was there that we met and we had a great friendship — reveals Macalé.

Let's Play That it features compositions solo, and partnerships with Xico Keys, Jorge Mautner and Fausto Nilo, among others. The excellence of the musicians is genialmente scattered throughout the ten tracks on the album.

Once more, the elegance dissonant of Macalé is the protagonist. This time with the luxurious company of the percussion crazy of Naná Vasconcelos. The disc is so different that perhaps the music menosincomum if you call Strange (Jards Macalé/Xico Chaves).

When I was born
A angel crazy
An angel loose
An angel bent, very
Came to read my hand
It was not an angel baroque
It was an angel, very loose, loose, loose
Crazy, crazy
Airplane wings
And, behold, the angel told me
By squeezing my hand
Between the smile of the tooth
Go, man, defy the chorus of glad

Let's play that

To hear with attention and reverence

Jards Macalé live brings together 53 tracks. Embraces a period of the richest in the trajectory of one of the artists most restless and creative of our music.

The shows contained in this box are those works to be heard with attention, reverence and respect.

As already mentioned, the sound quality may not be 100% perfect. But this ends up giving a charm and value even greater to the records.

The legacy of Jards Macalé

Macalé has been the subject of another (great) box seal Discobertas (The 70's). Released in 2016, which brings together their first two disks, packed with some demos and live tracks. Brings also two other CDs with rare recordings, often taken from old cassette tapes.

However, the legacy of Macalé will in addition to his own work of authorship. He was responsible, for example, by the arrangements of the great Fuckrecorded by Caetano Veloso during his exile in London.

Its trajectory has already been the target of two documentaries. Unfortunately, lack a record more history and personal career of the lord Jards Anet da Silva. At the age of 75 years, he has a lot of story to tell. And a lot of people want and need to hear.

The rescue of its musical legacy in recent years has been winning a legion of young fans. Not if it was the idea that a sound so innovative, could be produced in a decade (for them) so far.

Hopefully this rescue to continue. And that Macalé do not stop to produce.

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PS: Macalé is a nickname given on account of the lack of skill of the young Jards in football. The friends compared to a player of Botafogo called Macalé, who could play a lot or be the peg-leg of matches. In the case of Jards, most of the time, the wooden leg.

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