Travel tips IVc: minivisto for Europe

The brazilian will need minivisto’ electronic before you travel to Europe. The measure goes into effect in 2021

The series of tips on how to avoid being stuck in a foreign country should have already finished, but the news that the European Union will pass the require a visa electronic so that the citizens of several countries (including Brazil) made me rethink and include one more post in the series.

The requirement only it will be from 2021 and is part of a strategy to increase security and prevent terrorist attacks and illegal immigration, some of the most serious problems of the continent.

How it will work

The Etias (European system of Information and Travel Authorization, its acronym in English) nor will it change very much the life of the brazilian tourists, just increase a bit the bureaucracy at the time of planning a trip. According to the information disclosed, the traveler who want to visit Paris or Rome, for example, will have to fill out a registration and pay a fee of 7 euros (about$ 32 in July 2018).

Remembering: today, the brazilian tourists who want to travel to one of the countries of the European Union need only a valid passport and answer a few questions about the reason for the trip, in addition to proving the existence of a travel insurance and sufficient funds during stay.

When the Etias is in effect, you will need to fill an online form with personal details, passport number and previous history of travel (which should facilitate the acceptance on the continent). This form will need to be prefilled with at least 96 hours in advance of departure and, as already mentioned, will also be charged at such a rate of 7 euros rate, whether or not granted authorisation.

Your data will be checked by various agencies – among them the Interpol – to know if there is something that desabone its entry in the Old Continent.

And the United Kingdom?

The Etias will cover the whole European Economic Area (EEA) and the member countries of the Association of Free Trade the European. That is all The European Unionin addition to the Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Are, in total, 36 countries who will use the new guideline. But, and the United Kingdom? Well, the Irlandasthe England, Wales, Scotlandin addition to countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania will not require the Etias. However, as it will be required in the case of scales in countries of the European Union, its obligatoriness will in almost 100% of cases.

Validity time

The entry authorization in Europe will be valid for up to three years.

Good trip (before 2021)!

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