Moz ‘strikes again’!

Composer and british singer will do two shows in Brazil in November and December, in São Paulo and Rio

As I write this post especially for the Blog Feroli, Morrissey cancels a bunch of shows of the tour “Low in High School“, album released in 2017, the 11th of his solo career. The announcement was made on their official page. The claim: “the logistical problems beyond the control”. Which affected the performances in the Uk and in Europe.

Check out one of the best songs on the album:

The Latin American tour, however, is confirmadíssima. The ex-vocalist of the Smiths, scored two shows in Brazil. On the 30th of November, in the Casting Progressin Rio de Janeiro, and in São Paulo, on December 2, in the Space of the Americas. The ticket sales have already been opened.

In just five days, the first batch promotional (R$ 170 ticket solidarity track) to the Casting Progress has timed out. Now who wouldn't want to miss the chance to get close and personal with this icon of the 1980s already you will find values that range between R$ 220 (admission supportive of the track) and R$ 880 (crimps/cabin).

How to buy your ticket for the shows:

‘Why is the last mile the hardest mile?’

Morrissey, in one of his presentations in the past year (Credit: GettyImages)

Steven Patrick Morrissey, Moz, has never had a vocal prime. But offset (and a lot) with his unmistakable timbre and interpretations full of personality, which they drink at the source of the iodelei and balance out there between the characteristic pedantry, a british and an attitude blasé typically French.

The result of all this “alchemy” — I doubt you listen to a song of Moz and do not identify the singer in the very first sung words — is that the singer, born in Davyhulme, in the northwest of England, there are 59 years old, is one of the few artists to have songs in the “Top 10 Sales of the Discs of the United Kingdom” in the three decades different.

On the road since 1977, Morrissey is a character interesting. A good part of his life and career were told in the book “Autobiography”, released in 2013. The book entered the list of the most sold in the Uk, at number one, reaching the milestone of 35 thousand copies in just its first week.

Vegan activist (who remembers the album Meat Is Murderthe second of the Smiths, released in 1985?), bachelor, fan of punk rock, Oscar Wilde, and figures such as James Dean, Alain Delon, Joe Dallesandro, and Jean Marais. The lyrics of Morrissey — seemingly depressing, but often full of witty humor — have inspired a whole new generation indie britpop that appeared in the decade of 1990.

In 1986, when the Smiths performed on the program of british music The Old Grey Whistle Test, Morrissey wore a hearing aid is false to comfort a fan with a hearing impairment who was ashamed of using the device. Often, he wore rimmed glasses thick provided by the National Health Service. On stage, the presence of Morrissey with dances awkward and flowers drew attention. It was thus that he encouraged young people to ‘shy and awkward’ dancing, not even knowing to dance. This has turned Morrissey into a cult object. Their shows had more and more security guards due to the number of people that invaded the stage to play the idol.

Excerpt from Wikipedia

But the current decade has not been very gentle with the popstar british. Four years ago, Morrissey left to escape the Spanish newspaper “El mundo” that has been subjected to treatments against cancer.

In 2012, in one of his increasingly rare interviews, he claimed to have aged very quickly over the last few years — hypertensive, complained that the remedy for pressure control thins your hair “dramatically”. In the same year, Morrissey has come to announce a retirement planned for 2014.

But as he leaves to consider in the letter of Speedwayonly death will close your lovely mouth.

History (almost bizarre) cancellation

Morrissey has performed in Brazil on three occasions: in 2000, 2012 and 2015. In 2013, the “leg” of the tour in Latin America has been fully cancelled. Including the passage that would do for here. On the occasion, the producer responsible (Time For Fun) released a note stating only that the cancellation was due to “personal reasons” of the british.

The controversial Morrissey

Last year, Morrissey cancelled his presentation in Paso Robles, California, at the last minute — in fact, the public already expected, there is a time that he would come up to the stage — because I was feeling very cold.

In addition to being extremely controversial (Rolling Stones magazine mounted a gallery with the insults of the singer and songwriter in its online version), Morrissey has been responsible for a history of cancellations that is, at least, absurd. Yielded a post that is constantly up to date, unfortunately, on the website We Heart Music. A compilation of cancellations that covers the years 1988 up to the present day.

So far: 289 dates cancelled or postponed.

Prediction of the setlist for the shows of Morrissey in November

This year, Morrissey went up 19 times in the stages. The setlist have a backbone made up of several songs which he composed alongside Johnny Marr for the four discs of studio of The Smiths between 1982 and 1987.

A lifting of the simple website, which brings together 14 the setlists of the shows of Morrissey in 2018, already gives an idea of what we can expect for the performances of November — if Morrissey does not cancel, of course...

The links, videos of the presentations this year. The forelock is not the same over there these thing. But the gogó remains the same!

  1. Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage – 14 times
  2. Spent the Day in Bed – 13 times
    When You Open Your Legs – 13 times
  3. Who Will Protect Us From the Police? – 12 times
    The Bullfighter Dies – 12 times
    I Wish You Lonely – 12 times
    World Peace Is None of Your Business – 12 times
    Jack the Ripper – 12 times
    My Love, I'd Do Anything for You – 12 times
    Everyday Is Like Sunday – 12 times
    How Soon Is Now? – 12 times
    Hold On to Your Friends – 12 times
    There Is a Light That Never Goes Out – 12 times
    The Boy With The Thorn In His Side – 12 times
  4. Munich Air Disaster 1958 – 11 times
    Back on the Chain Gang (The Pretenders) – 11 times
    If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look at Me – 11 times
  5. I Bury the Living – 10 times
    Suedehead – 10 times
    Irish Blood, English Heart – 10 times
    Home Is a Question Mark 10 times
  6. You'll Be Gone (Elvis Presley) – 8 times
    I Started Something I Couldn t Finish – 8 times
    Cemetry Gates – 8 times
  7. First of the Gang to Die – 6 times
    Bigmouth Strikes Again – 6 times
  8. The Last of The Famous International Playboys – 5 times
    This Charming Man – 5 times
    The Queen Is Dead – 5 times
  9. Speedway – 4 times
    Girlfriend in a coma – 4 times
    Shoplifters of the World Unite – 4 times
  10. Judy Is a Punk (Ramones) – 3 times
    Vicar In A Tutu – 3 times
  11. I'm Not Sorry – 2 times
    Frankly, Mr. Reds had – 2 times
    I Know It's Over – 2 times
    Never Had No One Ever – 2 times
  12. Alone Again (Naturally) (Gilbert O'sullivan) – 1 time
    Soul Matters – 1 time
    Israel – 1 time
    The Girl from Tel Aviv Who Wouldn't Kneel – 1 time
    All You Need Is Me – 1 time
    Glamorous Glue – 1 time
    November Spawned a Monster – 1 time


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