Over 61 million brazilians are with the name negativado

This is only until February, shows the estimate of the SPC Brazil and CNDL

According to the data of the indicator of the Service of Credit Protection (SPC Brazil) and the The National confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL) there are 61.7 million of brazilians with any account in arrears and with the CPF restricted to hire credit or make purchases paid. Thinking that this number represents 40.5% of the population between the ages of 18 and 95 years, with a concern for the future of brazilian families is great, especially if we take into account that the southeastern region – the richest of the country concentrates the largest part of the quota.

The age group with the highest proportion of negativados is between 30 and 39 years

To worsen the scenario, comes the information that the majority of people with problems is in the range between 30 and 39, when, in theory, the population is at the peak of its work force. In February, slightly more than half of brazilians in this age group (51%) had the name registered in the register of debtors. But, there is nothing that you can't get worse, right? So, be aware that 49% of people between 40 and 49 years are also in this situation.

The southeast and Northeast in the rabeira economic

Contrasting in almost everything with regard to economic indices, the Southeast and Northeast regions are, sadly, in this index heavily indebted. The Southeast region concentrates the largest amount of consumers with accounts in arrears, in absolute terms: 26,70 million – a number that accounts for 40% of the total number of consumers who reside in the state. The second region with the largest absolute number of debtors is the Northeast, which has 16,49 million negativados, or 41% of the population.

Already in proportional terms, the North leads the ranking with 46% of its adult population included in the lists of negativados, followed by the midwest, with 42% of the population. In the good, a situation far from pleasant.

For those who must?

The brazilians should and as it could not leave of being, the banks are the biggest creditors, with little more than half of the debts, followed by Trade (18%), Communication sector (14%), and Water and Light (8%).

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