The orchestra and the Petrobras Symphony orchestra releases an EP with versions of the hits with the national honour of the football

The album, which has songs from maria maria e MC Guimê, is now available on digital platforms

The World Cup moves to brazil at all levels, from economy to culture. A good example of such a factor is the EP released by the The Orchestra And The Petrobras Symphony Orchestrawith three of the songs that celebrate the passion of national.

With new arrangements by Ricardo Candido, a group of eight musicians to give a new look to the compositions “It's a game of football” (Skank), “The country's football” MC Guimê), and “For the future of Brazil” by the middle of the violins, violas, double bass, flute, French horn, and percussion. The result can be seen in the latest EP of the seriesThe All-Time Classic Is” that has been released on the show Teatro Rival Petrobras and if it is available on the digital platform.

Listen to it here

The series

The “Classic” started to come on stream in 2016, and has already paid homage to the genres of pop, rock, samba and reggae music, featuring a wide range of measures to popularize the classical music, and to renew the audience for the genre. The initiative is part of the Pop World, and one of the three worlds that make up the Season to 2018 Petrobras Symphonic orchestra, to the side, the Classic and the Urban. In the series, Djanira, Portinari, Armando Prazeres and In the living Room, in addition to the Festival, to the Chamber to form a schedule, and a classic, while the project as part of the Family, which features versions of children's classics (Best of Brazilian Music Year 2017 – Saltimbancos-Symphonic), and I ConcertoSecreto (Award of Professionals of the Music in 2016 are an integral part of the actions aimed at enhancing the profile of the aggregator, the democratic and the pioneer group of 80 players.

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