The major cities in the world for music lovers

The Tripadvisorone of the largest travel sites in the world and always with good evaluations of employees. Recently the website released a list with the most important cities for music lovers. Unfortunately they have not released the criteria for the choice, but I admit that I don't have many disagreements as to the locations (with the exception of the lack of London and NY), just how much to your ranking.

Every list is controversial, and it is clear that this research was based on the United States, but actually the study seems to have been well done.

The ranking

1. Nashville, USA
2. New Orleans, louisiana, USA
3. Dublin, Ireland
4. Menphis, USA
5. Branson, USA
6. Doolin, Ireland
7. Budapest, Hungary
8. Havana, Cuba
9. Key West, USA
10. Liverpool, England
11. Salzburg, Austria
12. Montreal, Canada

To know all the cities recommended, follow the link.

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