Cloud storage is 36% more expensive than the physical one

Both files and applications are becoming larger and larger. The number of photos and videos produced by the cameras, and smart phones superpoderosos continues to grow, and with it, the need to have the space to store all of that information as well. The time of the floppy disk, Zip Drive, CD's and DVD's. Today, it is not the same amount of space on a blu-ray player are in front of the unlimited power of cloud storage. What few people know is that the price of cloud storage is much more expensive than the cost of the physical media. And look at the difference in price is not low (35%). One difference is that it would make a lot of people rush into the store to take advantage of a sale.

I don't know if this is a difference, as well as the potential for problems in the security of your data, it will be enough to put a stop to the wave of cloud, but it should, at the very least, make it so that people would stop to think about the subject matter.

The Brazilian is becoming more and more connected. According to the survey of the national household survey, which was conducted by the IBGE, at least in 63,3% of the brazilian homes had internet access, the closing of the year of 2016, with at least 116 million people logged on to the network. The mobile phone is triggered, the electronic device most used to access the internet, accounting for 94,6% of users, followed by computers (to 63.7%) and tablets (up 16.4%).

The high connectivity of the brazilian, it facilitates the mobility of the data that can be accessed across multiple platforms. In 2018, it is estimated that 1.9 million people (source: Statista) for the users in the world use the cloud storage (or cloud storage) service, which provides a virtual space for storing a lot of files online, making it possible for each one to have its ' own cloud storage. Among the 6 major services of storage, search, 1st place wins a stage of the competition, making it possible for users to save up to 50 TB of files on the paid plan. The winner will also be featured on the free cloud storage: 15 GB, with free cross-platform, and some of the editing options for the files.

On the other hand, the picture on the internet, both fixed and mobile national are characterised by slow speed and their dissatisfaction with the service. By 2017 the fcc reported 525.288 of complaints about the broadband service in Brazil, and with the agreement of the PLAYER, and the phone service is on the 1st place in the ranking of the complaints logged by the agency, including the services of the 3G and 4G. The instability of your connection, and access to more narrow, depending on the region, could have a preference for the storage of the more “traditional” in the archives, and especially to those who are in need to have on hand a great deal of data.

The survey, conducted by Cuponation, a platform for discounts in the online, which belongs to the German Overall Savings Group, compared to the service storage in the cloud for 6 major companies, all 18 have been examined. Of those businesses surveyed in the different plans, the weighted average of the prices in the store, and the 1 TB was 36% higher when compared to the same amount of data on an external hard drive with the same capacity, it costs an average of$ 280. Learn more about the research in the infographic and learn more about the two ways to archive your data.

Source: Cuponation

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