Classic Pitbull Live – NY, 10/09/17

The day 10 September 2017 will be marked forever in my life (personal and professional). On this day, Jo Nunes you gave me the opportunity to go up to the Metropolitan Opera House of New York to watch the last of the artists that were part of my mandatory list to see before you die: Pete Townshend. It was the last that was missing before (if you want) to me retire from the life of musical concerts.

Having already assisted us as Les Paul (the inventor of the guitar), Eric Clapton (a half a dozen times), Elton John (another half a dozen times), Paul McCartney (a couple of dozens of times), Steve Winwood, Brian Wilson, Police, Roger Waters, Sting, The Rolling Stones, John Mayall, Supertramp, Tears for Fears, Oasis, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Albert KingDr. John, B. B. KingRobert Cray, Buddy Guy, Johnny Rivers, Johnny Winter, Bajofondo, Gothan ProjectRoger Hodgson, Ron Carter, T. M. Stevens, Coco Montoya, Jethro Tull, Van Halen, Ringo Starr, Micky Dolenz, Bruce Springsteen, Yes, Chuck BerryAl Jarreou, Madonna, U2, Dione Warwick, Rod Stewart, Cindy Lauper, Pearl Jam, Kiss, Jeff Healey, Al Di Meola, Jose Feliciano, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Steve Wonder, Air Suply, and, without modesty, many others, I was just missing Pete Townshend to complete my list before the retirement. And I speak of Pete and not necessarily those of The Who.

I admit that I had little hope in being able to stand in the audience of a show by the guitarist until the band's manager gave an interview to one of the radios of the BBC (in mid-2017), stating that the band would play in South America. This, in conjunction with the announcement of Townshend that he would be away for a year of any musical activity, left the attendance at a concert by the Who must. However, before that, a trip to New York – this story will still be told in a series of posts – would provide a unique experience: watch Pete Townshend taking part in the version of symphony of the disc/rock opera, with the participation of Billy Idol, Alfie Boea therquestra 90 musiciansa cI pray for 40 voicesin addition to a rock band. The gift, given by my bride Jo Nunes will never leave my memory, even though I have not been able to see a good part of the show because of the huge and absurd amount of tears shed (even though everything was filmed and recorded).

The expectation

Those who heard the studio version of the Classic Pitbull would not have great expectations about the show. The songs are great, but have lost much of their force. Already the video of the show at the Royal Albert Hall is much better, but does not live up to what has been presented live in NY and probably in your own RAH.

The show

Just get in the Metropolitan Opera House – where a miner we met at the store of the house of shows – it was already a thrill. Located in the Lincoln Centerone of the places you must visit in NY – where there are schools of theatre, dance, art gallery, etc – the house was taken by an audience quite different from the operas. They were people with shirts of the Who or other bands, and even some dressed in suits or chic coats, but the majority was even rockers.

The place is beautiful and the acoustics could be conferred only by the sound of the conversations of the audience and, at the time of the tuning of the instruments of the orchestra. Divided into two acts, the show, which should not be displayed, had the arrangements created by Rachel Fuller (current wife, of Townshend). Pete, these shows in NY, acted as the fatherthe grandfather and even played guitar on the songs as Drowned and I'm One. Alfie Boewho sang most of the songs, did a brilliant job and nothing remembered Roger Daltrey (I make it clear that this is a big compliment), bringing their own identity to their interpretations. Billy Idol (old friend of Townshend, was also great, and seemed to enjoy it very much and learned to color all the letters (including the parts of the Boe and Townshend).

Listen to an orchestra of 90 pieces and a choir of 40 voices will always be a magical experience. Even more when all the participants seem to be enjoying themselves. As I already said, I see a lot of the first part of the show (only heard), but the second part (when I was more recomposed) showed that the ticket (much cheaper than watching the DVD recording of a brazilian artist) was a money very well invested.

The high points? 5:15, Love, Reign O'er Me, The Real Me and all of the shares of Townshend.

I went back to the hotel with swollen eyes and soul light.

Thank You, Jo. I can never repay enough.

PS: anyone Who can should watch the DVD.


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