The Post office, and the poor in rio

The big talk of the town, at least among collectors, consumers and users of the The post it is the announcement of the implementation of a The rate of Violence the $ 3. The unbelievable is a state-owned company, which holds a monopoly on a particular service and charge a fee extra on top of the gold service that, at least for the moment, it is also the responsibility of the Federal Government. That's not to mention that the company the function of which is to deliver mail and parcelsI was already set on the incredible The rate of Storage! I'm either crazy, or one of the other functions of the parcel is to store it prior to delivery. But, as I have already spotted years ago, Brazil is a country with a very peculiar.

As of yet, we will have an increase in fares, and the locals will be doubly penalised for their bad service and incompetence of the leadership of the country. Unfortunately, as long as we are not able to find the best options to our directors and options to the performance of certain services, and we're going to have to live with such nonsense.

I hope that is soon to appear, the companies and the services that you are able to bend in any way to this monopoly and give the people a chance to get away from that real trap in which he transformed the The mails, which has been one of the most admired companies in Brazil".


The most burradas of the sistema Globo de Rádio

I love to listen to the radio, AM and FM radio, although I have had a few rides on the vehicle and it hurts me every time I see (or hear) the decisions that take you in the direction that it was going well.

It makes for a good time, and I've written about in the the collapse of the STATION. At that time, I spoke about the many wrongful decisions taken by the direction of the station. Spent a good amount of time, the situation seems to have changed, particularly in Rio de Janeiro. After you have some reason to believe that the Central to the Brazilian in the News yes, this is the original name of the radio station, do you remember? I can go back to the number one spot on the world stage of the station's news – all the published data show that in Ricardo Boechat e in the Feed is in the lead with a small gap for some time now - it seems like it has gotten worse.

The hiring of a Fernando Molica as the anchor tenant of the STATION River it was an arrangement which, if not compensated for, the errors of the the layoffs people of the caliber of the Sydney Rezende, Carolina Morand and Maurício Martinsto name just a few, but he left in the morning in Rio de Janeiro with a different one of the Feed-in FM and it's great Ricardo Boechat and the team's on-the-air broadcasts for their news.

The numbers don't lie, and no matter what is the reason for the dismissal of the Molica – spoke at a salary that is too high, the only fact of which I can't escape from it's washed out, that the radio station is leading the competition in several areas. In fact, the problem lies not only in the STATIONbut on the whole, the Sistema Globo de Rádio (SGR)that's going to just fall down. The competition in the segment from the news show that the Feed nothing is far-reaching, but the worst thing is to see that, in general, to a radio will not be able to be among the top ten most listened to and that's the Radio Globo it follows the same path.

The ball is out on the sport

A few years ago, the understood the SGR they came to the conclusion that keeping a sports team, and schedule exclusive use of the main squares, and blue to be very expensive. To lower the costs, together with the schedules, sports and games, doing programs, speaking to the times of the Rio-São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas gerais and others in the state for the whole network. In addition to this, together with the team of the Radio Globo and CBN on the other transmissions that have the two commentators (usually one of each of the issuer, and, in many cases, one for each state). What was the result? A total failure, it had to be scrapped after in a short amount of time.

Soccer in the AM, it needs to be funny, popular, and laid-back, no-one discusses it, but the FM radio has a different audience, and that the STATION he had already established a style of his own, and the more restrained, mainly due to the presence (in the River), to a group such as Evaldo Jose and to the commenters as a Carlos Eduardo Eboliin addition to the professionals, such as Mark Gyuotti (MG) – excused upon the the end of the world (MG)another decision, not to mention awkward. But, getting back to the topic of the previous paragraph, after the failure of the experiment of the unification of the teams, the sports, the time has gone by, in the direction of the SGR changed that and then had a bright idea to reduce costs, and increase the audience: the unification of the teams in the game!

The result couldn't be other: total failure (yet again). Not even an initiative to bring overall as good Alex Escobar, Juninho Pernambucano and Juniorwas able to overcome the rejection, all the best names that ever were in the the second step of the AM radio stations on the River and it doesn't have to be fit to the tastes of the listeners of football in FM, such as Luiz Penido and Shows up (Spider-man). The proof of this is the moment that the CBN/world Globe leading the veteraníssimos, but it's still relevant José Carlos De Araújo, Tonight (in the Canhotinha Gold), During The Santiago, Silveira, Ricardo and Washington Rodrigues.

Join us for the bad choice of a team sport for the RADIO, I make it clear with the the end of the world (HB and, for your sports team, and the experience of a bad success previously, and just might give you what you're giving away. If there is still time to reverse this trend? I don't know.

Sidney Rezende gives a beat at the STATION

Today – the 29th of February, in the year 2018 – the web site of the journalist Sidney Rezende, the debut of a new project that you can sink time in the game STATION. The web portal has set up a the team sports that will be broadcast live by the radio the matches of the football, with essentially the same team that has been dismissed by the Central Brazilian News journalist and announcer Evaldo Josethe commentator Antonio Carlos Duartethe reporter Felipe Santos and the reporter It's Not.

Most likely, despite the esteeia to be broadcasting a game from the framengu – this is a new option that is going to cause even more havoc in the already combalida a hearing on the SGR, and, most likely, even the leader of Brazil.

I don't know who chooses the leaders of the SGR, and, where are all the bright ideas to reinvigorate the program and the team (eliminating the need for the best and most experienced professional, but I do know that things go really ugly for a long time.

Social media is the future of journalism?

In the discussion, it may seem to the old and pointless, but it is the return of the The jornal do Brasil newspaper the bunker brings us back to questions about the feasibility or not of the printed media. In one study with data for 2015, carried out by the The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism it showed that 41% of internet users (of all ages) are using social media to access news. I believe that, even with the recent changes in Facebook and the decision of some media outlets in brazil fail to promote your content on social networks, the trend is for this number to increase.

Unfortunately, the spread of the keep your head in the news with the proliferation of vehicles with the guidelines political and economic and that is not disclosed openly to the public, causing the directions of the thoughts, with the aim of cheat in the music player. What could be seen as a breakthrough – as well as the the radiothat has greatly increased their audience, in the case of journalism, it needs to be examined with much more care and attention.

The much-propagated the crisis of the media there seems to be a lot more of the fruit of the a lack of competence from the transport and energy sectors of each of the company'sthat seems to have a much harder time to adapt to the new situation than all other sectors (journalism, mostly). This strikes me as odd, given that it is still common to find older people at the offices of the fund-raising.

To be analogtoday, it is a mortal sin, and it seems that the number of people who don't bother to examine the numbers in the audience, and some of the trends that should be followed in their duties. There is no logical explanation to have a means of communicating, in the year of the fifa World Cup and the elections, and will not be able to raise the resources for advertising. With sufficient resources, to ensure a long and prosperous life. It is only to put the right people in the right places, and follow a few ground rules, and remind you that youth doesn't always mean modern.

The Concert for George is being re-launched

On the 25th of February is celebrated as the birthday of the George Harrison who would have been 75 years old in the year 2018. There have been many remembrances and tributes to the musician, in publications, and on social networks, and to mark the date, it was re-released in what can be considered to be one of the best concert-a tribute to all of the time: The Concert for George.

Could result in a loss of a time explaining who he was George Harrisonbut if someone has never heard of The Beatles or listened to the songs Here Comes the Sun", My Sweet Lord, Something, Love Comes to Everyone or The Taxmanit's better to upgrade or stop reading here.

The show, organized by the widow and by the son of the ex-beatle's (She was a and Dhani), and he is the music director for the buddy Eric Clapton– aims to celebrate the work of the Harrisona year after his death. Made in the The Royal Albert Hallin London, in November 2002,the The Concert for George he gathered an ensemble cast to star in the friends of the George's, which included people of the caliber of the Ray And Cooper, Tom Petty, Billy Preston, Jools Holland, Albert Lee, Sam Brown, Gary Brooker, Joe Brown, Jeff Lynne, Klaus Voormannthe ex-beatles. It's A Drag" and Paul McCartneyin addition to the Eric Clapton and the band that accompanied Harrison on his tour of Japan in 1991, among many others, such as members of the Monty Python.

Originally released in 2002 The Concert for George he won new releases – even on vinyl – remastered and expanded. For you to see and hear The Concert for Georgeand? Because it's the celebration of music goes beyond the concept of a tribute concert-a meeting where the artist comes in, sings his song, and, if you will, without a trial, or be more consistent. Eric Clapton he did a three-week run (the one that has caused even some of the fights with the other stars), and produced an image very well tied and touched by many people who actually lived and loved Harrisonwhich has brought something truly exciting, such as Something (that was the first version of Paul McCartney, plays up to today's performances), and Joe Brown closing out the show with a I'll See You in My Dreams (the song was not written by the Harrisonbut that stops flow to the eyes).

HGorge he was regarded by all the friends of a person with full of humor, despite the fact that the side grumpy, especially when compared to the group that catapulted him to fame, and their songs reflected this, ranging from the melancholy of the extreme escracho. It was your help that made it the most successful in the early years after the split of the group, and, in spite of a certain amount of lazy in the production of the album, and left a legacy that will last for many years to come.
The Concert for George it's already being sold out there, and it can be found in the Install of your life.


To say that we don't have to repent of our common stock. LOCATION. At the beginning of 2002, the impact of the September 11 attacks – have made a trip to great britain and the United States of america. Under the impression that the world would end, or get into a war, and I spent a lot and got to know reasonably well, emblematic cities such as London, Liverpool and New York.

Upon his return to Brazil, to work and to reality, I heard about the concert, what would I have to do to realise some of the dreams to attend a show at the The Royal Albert Hallsee Paul McCartney again, you see see see see see It's A Drag" for the first time, and listen to the songs that were rarely played again. Well, on the day of the sale of the tickets, I was able to get to the last screen of the purchase, and then, at the last minute, I decided not to finish the process (DUMB!). Was influenced by the fact that it will still be paying for the trip in the beginning of the year, and it is difficult to account for the so-stupid-head that he would travel to the new one.

That is, I do not regret the decision.

All of the songs on the CD edition:

Disc 1

1. “Sarve Shaam” (traditional)
2. “Your Eyes (Sitar Solo)” (Ravi Shankar) Anoushka Shankar
3. “The Inner Light” Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison and Anoushka Shankar4. “Arpan” (Ravi Shankar) Anoushka Shankar

Disc 2

1. “I Want to Tell You” Jeff Lynne
2. “If I Needed Someone” By Eric Clapton
3. “Old Brown Shoe By Gary Brooker
4. “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)” by Jeff Lynne
5. “Beware of Darkness” by Eric Clapton
6. “Here Comes the Sun” by Joe Brown
7. “That's the Way It Goes,” Joe Brown
8. “The Taxman,” Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
9. “I Need You” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
10. “Handle With Care”, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison
11. “Isn't It a Pity” Billy Preston & Eric Clapton
12. “Photograph” Ringo Starr
13. “Honey Don't” Ringo Starr
14. “For You Blue” By Paul McCartney

In the original version


The versions of the show

Phil Collins – the Maracana – 22/2/2018 by His Thomé)

“I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord

The day February 22, 2018 at the latest, save this date: the day on which the hitmaker Phil Collins hit 40 million people fun-filled, all at once, without having to get up from a chair. But it could have been more, shall we say, spoilerif the united states the british had to be consulted my page is on Facebook — how to “do”, and most recently, fellow of the The Who.

(I'll explain that. I suffer from high anxiety, pre-mega-show. The trigger on the purchase of the ticket; and search for live shows, watch shows, documentaries, and interviews with old YouTube, look at the life of an artist/band in the Googlebuy the biographies. Dive head first when I was interested in. The most recentmusic divings” have Rod Stewart, The Who and Phil Collins. Access to my tips list is nothing but a joke and it turned into a huge coincidence that, in the case of the The Who.

And even though I have been to all of the beautiful, wonderful, uncle Phil it got a little bait and switch in general. Didn't lie when he said that the speech is on this day, in spite of the limitations of the physical. No; he is ready even a gogó. But it has not fulfilled its promises, and that he was bringing a show to the brazilian public, which is waiting for this meeting since the early 1980s.

The safadjenho cut down on the “the stop technique” the tour was held in the year 2017, had the concerts are divided into two sets, with a video engraçadíneo of autozoação at half — time, and smoothed with a song for each set. Or it might be. At the time of the scoring of the plate in the middle The maracanadecided to do the “tech nigga Framengo*” and then you played it wrong.

But he acknowledged the hit, I vi. had a fright when, without even wanting to, ever garrou in the us hair within the first chords of a ballad from the rule-block in the Against all odds. From thence to the middle of the field, that is to say, in the snow, and I was looking at those celularzinhos all lit up, nodding at the ring of a Maraca to that effect are wonderfully cheesy and I thought to myself, “wow, this guy made this song, by an absolute order, how can you?”.

I live in the front of the stage. I was given it with a couple of shows, because they rolled in the study (that was not a sound, not), and on the fourth night, and I wrote down the set to prepare my heart. The second song, another success for the club was pounding with the test, and I happily and full of hope. The third one came in, the young pro is on the wrong side. It's TRUE One more nightt-stick? Nearly I heard the Again shout out I FOOOOOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAAAAA the sound system in the Suderj they live inside of my head.

But it's ok, he changed I missed again and I had a lot of game ahead of you. But then he told me to put those unnecessary Hang in long enough and The Wake-up call in the following, the team lost a little bit of the rhythm.

Seriously. I was able to move in the middle of the audience, they opened with a flash of light at this point in time. Just that talent is talent, right? So don't let go of the control of the the crowdwho has jumped into the lap of the guy in the first song, it sends me to a classic Genesis.

I swear to you there was a time, during the execution of the Throwing it all awayin that I have seen Phil Collins open it with a big smile, while the the crowd (oops!) the crowd was singing the chorus at the top of their lungs, that the mount of the hand, and clapping it up. Show de bola. And it was a joy from there to the end, despite the fact that I have deemed it unnecessary Dance into the light in the end the dancing.

If he pays attention to me, he had included two fog signals on the side of this meiuca, to clean the soul, and goes to hug it! At last, as he sings, “it's just another day for you and me in paradise“. For those who are going to attend the concert at the St. Paul's (day 24) and (25), or Porto-Alegre (July 27), I just want him to read this post and take the appropriate (and small, and let's face it) settings!


– Against all odds
– Another day in paradise
One more night
– Wake-up-call
– Follow you, follow me
You can't turn back the years
– I missed again
– Hang in long enough
– Separate lives.
I don't care anymore
– Something happened on the way to heaven
You know what I mean
– In the air tonight
– You can't hurry love
– Dance into the light
"Don't lose my number
– The Invisible touch
– Easy lover
– Sussudio
– Take me home


– Against all odds
– Another day in paradise
– I missed again
Hang in long enough
The Wake-up call
– Throwing it all away
– Follow you, follow me
– Only you know and I know
– Separate lives.
– Something happened on the way to heaven
– In the air tonight
– You can't hurry love
Dance into the light
– The Invisible touch
– Easy lover
– Sussudio
– Take me home


– Against all odds
– Another day in paradise
– One more night
– Tonight, tonight, tonight
– Follow you, follow me
– Land of confusion
– I missed again
I wish it would rain down
– A groovy kind of love
I don't care anymore
– Something happened on the way to heaven
You know what I mean
– In the air tonight
– You can't hurry love
I cannot believe it's true
– Don't lose my number
– The Invisible touch
– Easy lover
– Sussudio
– Take me home

* The changes made by the editor of the site, it is to nice and clean.

About the author: She Thomé he is a journalist-talented, scottish-born by choice and friend for the rest of their lives. As I was not able to go to the concert, got to climb out of this the sent out more than special.

Photos By: Marcos Serra Lima

Photo gallery: Marcos Hermes