4G in Brazil: good speed, but the coverage is still poor

I almost never get to connect at a good speed.

The OpenSignal has published the results of the study The State of LTE (that compares the 4G in different countries) corresponding to the third quarter of 2015. In them we can observe that Brazil, despite having a reasonable position among the 68 countries surveyed still have a coverage very poor.

With an average speed of 16 Mbps, Brazil appears in front of countries such as the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany. Showing the results of the operators, we can see that the leadership is Clear, with 20 Mbps, followed by Vivo (18 Mbps), Hi (14 Mbps), Tim (10 Mbps) and Nextel, at the lantern, with only 3 Mbps.


One can argue that the numbers can be deceiving a little, since only now the manufacturers are starting to bring 4G technology to the devices cheaper. Thus, the network is still not popularized, so that there is not much congestion in the LTE network, which provides speeds. It will be interesting to see if the positive numbers if it keeps within one or two years.

Already when the issue is coverage, Brazil is not going so well so if finding close to the end of the list. The devices with the 4G out here in the country have access to the network only 50% of the time, on average. Claro and Vivo are in leadership, when we compare the operators, with 51% each, followed by Tim and Nextel, with 50%. Already the Hi has only 42%.

It should also be noted that the criterion used by OpenSignal. The company is based on your application, installed voluntarily by users, in order to measure the quality of mobile internet. Therefore, the report presents some distortions, since it does not take into account the amount of places covered with the 4G, just how much time users of mobile phones with a capacity of LTE can be connected to a mobile network of the fourth generation.


Source: Digital Look

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