Ten Benefits of Pepper

Pimenta XI am passionate about pepper. There are the aromatic, the strong and the ones that are virtually toxic. They serve to temper, to highlight flavors and even mask errors in the kitchen. There are a lot of myths about pepper: some say that it is bad for the liver, another that it is a crutch for recipes not so good (I disagree). However, the important thing is to know that she does it well.

1 – Potential effect as antioxidant – The antioxidants work in the prevention of chronic diseases such as cardiac disease, diabetes, cancer, in addition to premature aging.

2 – chronic disease Prevention – as-rich in potential antioxidants, the consumption of pepper can act in the prevention of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. It also helps as a detoxifier of the blood, activates the immune system and is considered a functional food.

3 – Nourishes the body – The nutritional value of pepper is relevant, possessing vitamin A (carotenoids), C and e, vitamins of the B complex (thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, plus minerals like potassium and calcium.

Pimenta XII

4 – thermogenic Effect (speeds up metabolism) – eat raises the temperature of the body, which can increase the caloric expenditure.

5 – Action-anti-inflammatory – Studies show that capsaicin displays anti-inflammatory properties. The recommendation is the consumption of up to 30 mg/day of capsaicin in order to obtain some therapeutic effect. What is the equivalent of six units of the pepper finger-of-girl or ½ pimenta malagueta.

6 – Promotes the control of cholesterol/heart health – consumption of pepper can help keep blood pressure at normal levels, but also to maintain the levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides under control.

7 – Protection against cancer – The phytochemicals present in pepper are considered to be quimiopreventivos. Capsaicin has the properties antimutagênicas and anticarcinogênicas.

Pimenta XI8 – Operates in the prevention of diabetes – was Found in studies that the capsaicin causes a reduction in the level of blood glucose by increasing the insulin level.

9 – Operates in the circulatory system – because it contains vitamins A, C, B complex, potassium and calcium, black pepper can be beneficial not only to the health of the heart, as also to the circulatory system.

10 – Combat depression, improves mood, and promotes pain relief – Its ability to increase the blood flow to the peripheral areas can be useful in cases of migraine and depression. In addition, it acts on the immune system, strengthening the body against invading infectious agents.

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