These English are Wonderful, and His Research Flying XX: Bacon is no longer the villain against the health of the heart

This is more a story that could also go for the series: “Bacon is Life”. Now is to go to the supermarket to buy a little piece of each 3kg.

Bacon faz bemA new research published in the british website of cardiology Open Heart (from the publisher British Medical Journal) makes a controversial alert: all medical recommendations against the consumption of saturated fat never should have been made. Since last year, cardiologists, including in Brazil, are beginning to arouse the attention to the thesis that saturated fats are not the main causes of ills heart.

The article says that the previous warnings were based on faulty data and evidence “very limited”. According to the first alerts, the men could not consume more than 30g of saturated fat per day and women would be limited to 20g. But the experts of the Open Heart today reject all these warnings, which began to be served in the 1980s.

BaconButter, lard, cakes, pies, whole milk, bacon, cheeses and chocolates come in the new shopping list advocated by the Open Heart. What experts argue is that the sugars, carbohydrates and processed foods is that they contribute the same to diseases of the heart. Thus, they recommend to avoid the same it is white rice, fructose (found naturally in fruit), French bread and processed foods in general.

The BMJ, editor of the British Medical Journal, has partnered with the Ministry of Health of Brazil since 2012, when it released digital tools to assist with diagnoses.

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