The books for the Day of the Rock

There are several great books about the stars of rock on the market. I refer to the biographies of Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend and the Man On the Run (that account of the trajectory of Paul McCartney in the 70's). However, could not fail to mention the good titles from the publisher Our Culture.

Below the releases of the last three releases.

Livro Caro MorriseyBruce: In the book, the author Peter Ames Carlin encompasses the breadth of his career haunting Bruce Springsteen and explores the intimate of a man who managed to redefine generations of music. Mandatory for fans, BRUCE is a biography thoroughly researched, read almost compulsively, about one of the artists most complex and fascinating of the history of american music.

Technical data sheet – Bruce
Publisher: Our Culture
ISBN: 978-85-8066-119-4
Translation: Paulo Roberto Maciel Santos
Pages: 518 Pages
Format: 16 x 23
Price: R$ 59,00

Dear Morrissey: Raymond dumps on paper the woes of her life in a series of letters to his idol, the former star of the Smiths, Morrissey. Runs the year 1991 and the band is still a vivid reminder (just as today) in the heart of fans as Raymond. Raymond Marks is a normal boy from a normal family, in the north of England. Until, on the banks of the Canal Rochdale, playing the innocent game of hunting-flies, Raymond begins the collapse tragic – but always funny – of his teenage years, and his life and his mother will never be the same. Raymond only remains to get on the road and, at each stop, open the notebook in which you write your letters, and in those pages, almost all in white, to confess everything – the full story of his tragicomic life – always starting with: “Dear Morrissey...”

Technical Data Sheet – Expensive Mossissey
Publisher Our Culture
ISBN: 978-85-806-6113-2
Format: 15 x 23
Pages: 364 pages
Price: R$ 55,00

A batalha pela alma dos BeatlesThe battle for the soul of the Beatles: In this captivating narrative, Peter Doggett documents the human dramas of the rich and engaging history of the empire, the creative and financial aspects of the Beatles, which was formed to safeguard their interests but destined to control their lives. The tragedy until the triumphant return, of the judicial confrontations to the successes on the charts, The Battle for the Soul of the Beatles depicts the untold story of a band and a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Technical data sheet – The battle for the soul of the Beatles
Publisher Our Culture
ISBN: 978-85-8066-095-1
Format: 16 x 22.7
Pages: 512 pages
Price: R$ 59,90

The man gave names to all the animals: The raspy voice of Bob Dylan plus the knock striking of the song Man Gave Names to All the Animals, the Portuguese man gave names to all the animals, has captured people of all ages from all over the world. In it, Dylan describes and names different animals and plays with the striking features of each one. Published by the editor, Our Culture, the work is all illustrated by the drawings of Jim Arnosky which blend the nature with the playful and conquer the reader by their humour and detail. Accompanied by a CD with the original song, the book the man gave names to all the animals promises to provide a unique experience that will entertain and teach the whole family.

Technical data sheet – The man gave names to all the animals
Publisher Our Culture
ISBN: 978-85-8066-096-8
Pages: 32 Pages
Format: 24,8 x 28.5
Price: R$ 43,00

Translated by Yandex.Translate and Global Translator


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