Bitcoin should be more widespread, regulated and less volatile in 2015

BitcoinWith an audience of a thousand people from all parts of the world, the Bitcoin Conference 2014, held in Amsterdam, pointed out important trends for the future of bitcoin. The event, sponsored by the Bitcoin Foundation, stressed that the digital currency should be more widespread, regulated and less volatile in 2015.

The meeting also discussed central themes such as the portfolios, multi-sign, the relationship between the bitcoin and the applications of instant messaging and also the greater penetration of the currency in the countries with inflation in the high – the case of Brazil currently.

To Flavio Pripas, CEO of the exchange brazilian Bitinvest, one of the trends that justify the consolidation scenario bitcoin is the proliferation of services that make the technical part aside, and allow the user of a wallet of Bitcoins to connect directly with your bank account and make instant transfers between us dollars and the digital currency with a rate close to zero. “All this in a very safe way,” says the executive.

Pripas account that some panels have approached 2014 as the year in which they are in high calls portfolios multi-sign (multiple signatures). With them it is possible to add different users (destination addresses for the transactions) in the same portfolio, allowing you to group the people involved in the same business and making it more secure drives daily in the companies, for example. “In a wallet of the type multi-sign it is possible that two of the three members of a company to approve a transfer,” explained the CEO, adding that this way, he believes, is an important instrument for the intensification of the use of bitcoin in 2015.

However, what markets are “on target” to have the digital currency as entered in the day-to-day business and people? Pripas responds: “Economies with higher inflation (such as Brazil, currently) have great potential, since the bitcoin as a currency provides the environment conducive to lower rates, making the transaction more viable,” says Pripas.

Source: IDG Now

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