The world is very boring – Trust doctrine prohibits ‘ordinary’ Compadre Washington

No matter if you like/liked it or not Is the Tchan, but the decision d to prohibit the use of the word ordinary (that is not pronounced entirely) is ridiculous.

Faggot, nigger and monkey, became words more offensive than a thief and corrupt. Unfortunate!

CumpadiSession of the Council of Ethics of the National Council of Auterregulamentação Advertising (Conar), held on Tuesday, November 27, in São Paulo, determined that must be changed, the business created by the NBS to the site BomNegó led by singer Compadre Washington, one of the members of the group of bahia Is the Tchan.

The piece, posted since February, was the cause of about 50 complaints, mostly women, received by the Trust in recent weeks. The target is a word that's not even to be spoken entirely by the protagonist.

On the edge of the pool, the husband observes the wife to get in the water swimsuit. In the role of a stereo system through out-of-fashion, arises Compadre Washington, praising the girl well in her own way: “Eta mãinha... Damned, that's plenty, my brother. So you'll kill dad, see? There is this that is your husband, is it? You know nothing, innocent! Come, come, ordiná...”. The term “ordinary” is not said completely, because Compadre Washington disappears so that the husband, annoyed, sells the sound at site.

And that was precisely the word is not completed that bothered the part of the audience. The complaints received by the Trust, considered it a disrespect to the woman. The Ethics Board agreed, and unanimously asked for the amendment of the commercial, that must suppress the term ordinary – or better, the “ordiná...”.

By the rules of Conar, the film can no longer be served until the change is made. However, the decision was taken in the first instance, therefore, an appeal.

The BomNegó increased by 362% of your investment in the purchase of media from 2012 to 2013, according to the ranking Agencies & Advertisers released this week by Medium & Message. In the 52nd place among the biggest advertisers in brazil last year, the site earmarked R$ 101 million for the purchase of media.

The series of commercials created by NBS is one of the most successful of the year in advertising in brazil. The appearance of personalities such as Narcisa Tamborindeguy, Sérgio Mallandro, Paulo Gustavo, Supla and even the ex-argentinian player Maradona representing articles bothersome that the owners end up selling on the site fell in the popular taste. However, the piece with the greatest repercussion is precisely the starring Compadre Washington.

The commercial has motivated even the resurrection of the band Is the brunette dancer, who released a new song, using the excuse “you Know nothing innocent” popularized by the advertising campaign.

Source: Medium & Message

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