Sentence: “If you want a happy ending, it depends, of course, where you end your story” – Orson Welles

Final felizHappy endings

Our life is made up of several stories and not just one. They are parallel stories, unmet, long, unexplained, winding, perpendicular, and only similar. There is no escaping the traps that appear behind each curve of the path. As well as in a video game, we jump, socamos, broke, and ran off to try to achieve what we saw as our pot of gold.

“Do not let your actions come back like a boomerang in the form of disappointment.”

Final feliz IIThe arco-iris is always protected by villains, and powerful weapons. Many times the enemy is your own pot of gold and the end of history depends on our ability to finish it. Talk to much “emotional intelligence“ but I prefer to even think about “honesty emotional“. Nothing changes suddenly!

Rosebub can no longer be a mystery, but it will always be a symbol of all that is, and always will be, important.

“Of course you will tidy up other loves, but some are stronger than others.”

Text written at the beginning of the 2000 decade.

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