You are responsible for such a tragedy

The images crushing and the death of a cyclist in st Paul, crushed to death between a truck and a bus, and after making a change irresponsibly (click here to watch the videoand in the case of a drop of a little girl at the airport The amazingon the River, you end up generating responses that seem to be misplaced, against the driver of the truck (who did not stop to assist the rider, it is very likely, because it is not seen what happened), and the management of the airport, when it is clear that there was a failure of the parents to care for their children.Ciclista imprensado

Well, let's get one thing straight: this is not a text-to-relieve-the-bar-of-no-one, just to try and divide up the responsibilities. In the case of a car accident, it is clear that the rider has entered in a “are you going to let me go” and did evil to you. Of course, in the majority of cases, drivers do not respect bikers, and the bikes (the bikers, and the bikers, to make everyone happy, but you have to look at what those drivers of light vehicles also seem to be unaware of the rules of the road only to find that it continued to drive in between the cars, it's a right. After all, demonizing one party or the other doesn't help at all in improving our democracy.

Already, in the case of the girl who fell from the third floor of the The amazingclearly, the lack of attention from the parents regarding the child's behavior. The price is ridiculous, poorly maintained, and full of traps, in several respects, any one of you who has traveled abroad knows, but the evidence lead us to believe that the young girl was entirely free and without any supervision, it is clear-cut. I don't know if your parents are one of those who think that the all of the kids are gorgeous and every once in a while, give a little scream, to show some kind of authority, but it is necessary to investigate, given that accidents can occur on escalators, stairs, shopping malls and almost any place where to leave the children unsupervised at any time.

This rant is about a very bad habit of turning their victims into martyrs. I always remember the case of the death of the son of actress Cissa Guimarães. The atropelador was taken inside of a tunnel, which was closed, and ran over to the young man, who has been skating in the same tunnel, which was CLOSED! Of the guilty? Well, both sides were equally wrong, and to suggest a change of name for the tunnel is to pay homage to the dead, this is something that sounds like “let's pay a tribute to a doer“. It can be a really hard, with a comment that's cruel, but it is a reality.

Guys, let's hold the people responsible, and not only do we want it to be the culprit.

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