The London Eye – The Giant ferris Wheel of Dreams

london-eye-pictureThe other day, I talked to the building The Shardone of the new features for those who want to see it London from the topbut it also gave the traditional London, Greater Londonthe giant ferris wheel that allows you to have a vision of A 360° view of the capital, the london-basedmake the sun or make the rain. On the banks of the The thamesthe main attraction for the sake of envy you all who live in the cities, to the tourist, without a modicum of structure to take good care of the visitors who want to see their natural beauty.

London Eye 2013 IIII went to the London, Greater London once again, after a 11-year-old, and I have to admit that I liked it. As for those icons, modernosos designed to take money from tourists, with the possibilities of what this experience can offer are more than satisfactory. To begin with, it is amazing to see the amount of options that they offer to those who want to walk on top the London. You can buy a the regular ticket (with or without an appointment), tickets in the Vip section then, with a special queue, which in practice means a lack of rank), in addition to the experience with glasses of champagne, specialty chocolates and even combo the right to dine in a the Italian restaurant.

The trick is to: you buy over the internet (it's cheaper), and then choose a note to let you away from the common queue. It is always tremendous, and in the days of rain or too much sun, it can be extremely uncomfortable. The tour, entitled the champagne corks, the capsule, and reserved, and a tour guide who is explaining the most important points in the city, and it's pretty cool, especially if the weather is clear.

London Eye 2013 II

The London, Greater London it is perfect for a couple or a family with children (at least for those who stay in the same capsule, and you don't like kids). The A 30-minute the walk will fly, but it's enough to take a lot of photos, and you get a sense of the geography of the city and its sights.

The structure of the customer service is great, even though you don't understand why there is a reserved area, does not have a place to sit down, as the person that has it, and some tickets will also include a presentation on the 4D a very interesting film about the city.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to build a structure from those in Rio de Janeiro, a city surrounded by hills on all sides, but you could copy the way they sell the tickets, if you entertain customers, and the quality of the products that are offered, and they are not outrageously expensive. Aspects such as cleanliness and signage, and so, it's best not to comment.

Photos by: Fernando de Oliveira and Jo Nunes

Translated by Yandex.Translate and Global Translator


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