The deception with respect to the exchange rate

Variação do dólar IIThis is not a text-to-speak on the tactics of economic, or the consequences of the dollar in the country, but rather to reflect on the comment of an expert economic analyst on the forecasting and expectations in the wrong in relation to the price of the currency of the united states. In a comment, where you talked about how you think your currency is going to behave, he has said that he does not believe in a higher greater than those of the past few days (on the order of R$ 2,40). When asked about this finding, given that the majority of experts say that the dollar should rise even more. With a cold (which I seem to have a kind of disdain, said:

“This is a mistaken view, a feature of most people, young or with an interest in the policy”.

At the time, I was a little taken aback, thinking that the youth would connect with the european union. But, soon after, he said.

“Who is this young man not yet had the experiences that define our outlook on things. For example, prior to the confirmation of the election of Lula (1st time), the us dollar came to cost about R$ 4.5. Days, then decreased to a level normal for the season, it was back to$ 1.5. As of this time, there are several other variations of strong, have already taken place, and only those who have lived it, or anyone who has an interest in the search, it will remind you of that,” he said.

What does this mean? In fact, NOTHING but a proof that it is not always the newest of the new, means new, fresh ideas, or a more “up-to-date” facts.

Variação do dólarOne of the things that I will never forget is that you need to be up-to-date is always in what you do, and take in all the new trends, and learning what they have lived to such an experience. I remember that you once said (in an interview for a job), which is the Social Network, the less I was attracted to was the Facebook. The eyes were bewildered, and, of course, I didn't feel the wave, but the answer is the same today, regardless of how to use it on a daily basis. As well as, even today, I don't see much of an advantage on a tablet, it's not professional. I think all the new ultrabooks are much more useful (and more expensive).

At the writing of this text, the exchange rate is already the threat of a deep (yet still shy), but it gives me a impression even more strongly that there are a lot of experts with no experience to make a zizzing around. It will be the same that a trader only part time jobs (between the stage and the contract) can be autointitular yourself an expert in online journalism, for example?

Better to wait until the fall of the dollar, which is much more secure than the advice of an expert in shoddy like that.

PS: I Wrote this text and it reminded me of the name of a character in the film besteirol Top Secret. It is called (in Portuguese), Latrine!

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