The culture of reaction

Boate KissAmazing how in our country the concept of prevention it seems to have no history. Yesterday it was completed the five-month after the tragedy that took place in the Night Club Kissin Rio Grande do Sul, up until now, almost nothing has been clarified, and no-one actually punished. Even worse, in a wave of closures of theatres and concert venues, that if it came to pass, after the event has fallen by the wayside. No one (people and media) seems to have an interest to find out the real state of the places that are home to our leisure time.

The most recent one is still on the wave, attitudes in respect of the tariffs and the contracts for the concession of the urban transport systems. The much-talked-about cities – which is popularly known as the driving – became the priority agenda in the agenda of all policy makers. A few, opportunistically, and with a tremendous amount of the guy in the dick – how does the the governor of São Paulo, that is, by a coincidence, since it was thought that the action from the very first day of his term, was able to abrogate the increase of the tolls on the roads in the state – came to find out formulas of the magical for the revocation of allowances, and to improve the quality of the service. They are promising to build in the commissions, and study groups to analyze the transportation system from states and municipalities, it is an amazing thing! If you are going to work, or to fall by the wayside, it is up to us.

Congresso-Nacional1Another good example of such a reaction is the speed at which our Congress has passed a vote on such a critical issue for those who went to protest in the streets, and to all of those who have seen the what our the wild the parliamentary cause. Vote for the fall of the PEC-37the bill makes it to the corruption of pornography, and in the end (partially, of course) to a secret ballot. A number of laws and projects which have been presented for many years, always getting left behind at the bottom of some drawer, but it's only a crisis to blow up, or the popular pressure to increase, which all seem to make it a little easier for our politicians to take appropriate positions, and light fare.

The efficacy of these approvals, it is still a big question mark – only time will tell, but, in spite of the character of opportunism, and a lack of shame in trying to earn some income for the election, the net effect is that, at least initially, it's good. Now, what remains is to get things going without having to be in a mood of rebellion in the streets, so to speed things up.

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