The back of the good old Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart TimeRoderick David Stewartalso known as Rod the Mod or simply Rod Stewartarrives at the age of 68 years reinventing itself once again, with the release of Timehis first disc of unseen in 22 years. The English – who lived for a good part of her childhood in Scotland and is passionate about football and by the Celtic – has already passed through several phases in his career, going from rock to soul, passing by pop gaping of the FMs of the years 70 and 80, in addition to enqueue a series of albums where recriava Standards of american music, always with its timbre and hoarseness characteristic.

Rod, who has already been buried by a series of critics several times, always seem to be the formula to return to the spotlight, and success in style. In 1993, when it launched its Unpluggedone English journalist had the humility to write: “all is well, that we knew that Rod Stewart could still make a good album, but it had to be so good?“ the same goes for set Time, that already came in 1st on the charts-English.

Of course, will not miss critical “experts” who will claim that the lack of more rock, more blues, more excitement, more inspiration, more any other thing. The truth is that we are in 2013 and he is no longer a big guy in the Jet set world. Expect an entire disk as of the time that was part of the Faces or Jeff Beck Group is ingenuity. Rod got this Time gather a little of each of your phases (excluding the re-creation of the classic, still as well). It is possible to find the rock (Can't Stop me Now – where gives a pinprick in the recording industry – and Finest Woman, for example), the pop that made it one of the kings of the FMs (She Makes Me Happyfirst single from the album) and the romantic ballads (It's Over and Pure Love).

She makes me happy on the coldest day
She makes me happy when the clouds are gray
Every day like Christmas when she's in my house
She makes me happy and I wanna shout

Rod StewartSame with the batteries, electronic Rod, the drummers need to work and earn money, in addition to giving more weight to its sound – there are touches of songs such as The First Cut is the Deepest or Maggie Maeor other classics from the repertoire of the singer, most with a theme romantic, making Time fall soon to the liking of those who follow Rod since the 60's.

Because of these similarities – and subtle, but they are there – it may be that Time sounds dated or uninspired to some, but it is actually much more current than the vast majority of discs released by the stars pop of today. In addition, it is difficult for someone with so many years on the road, if you use some shortcuts in the field of music. This only accentuates the distance between the category of an artist who re-learned to make a shift in your career and the fragility of the “big names” of the current scenario.

As he told one british journalist: “all is well, that we knew that Rod Stewart could still make a good album, but it had to be so good?Thanks to God that the answer is yes.

An edited version of this text was published in the newspaper Fluminense

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