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homem-de-ferro-3-poster-nacional-615x878First a warning: if you haven't seen the movie, do not read this text. If you have already seen or just do not connect much to know the history of the film, then go ahead.

Before you even begin to speak of the long itself, a comment: it is amazing how companies the size of Disney or Sony Music can make decisions, petty (in terms of economy). Do not take a cab in Rio de Janeiro (limiting the number of vehicles that were able to send someone to St. Paul to see the movie before the release is indefensible) ended up doing with that this criticism could only be posted today (sorry to my three readers). Lack of money, but I assure it was not. Maybe a certain pride in finding that your product is so important that it deserves this effort. Who knows?

The film

iron-man-3Iron man 3 will divide opinions (point). While the purists will hate the film, lovers of action movies should just enjoy him, while the female audience seems to consider it the best of the series. And, oddly enough, all the opinions have great arguments to support them.

Anyone who loves comic books will tell you that, once, the movie ends with the two pillars of the history of Tony Stark: Mandarinone of the biggest enemies of the Starks, and that is transformed into a puppet idiot) and their health issues (one of the factors that make/made the hero more human and interesting). Already for fans of action movies and a flood of super-heroes who stormed the screens in the last few years, the film is below the first two in the franchise, but not in a way shameful, which is already a good achievement. Many will say that the director Shane Black exaggerated, but this is good for shut up the mouth of the prudent who lived complaining of the work of Jon Favreau in the long past.

Homem-de-Ferro-3-PepperSpeaking of conquest, it seems that, marketing speaking, the option for giving more space to the role of Pepper Potts it was more than right. If the comic fans will see the movie anyway (as well as those who like action), Disney seems to have in view (with success) in women. All with whom I spoke (none of them a fan of the hero or action movies) and found the new movie the best of the trilogy. It seems that discussing the relationship is something that appeals to the feminine universe (unfortunately).

My complaints are concentrated in the direction that the character may have from now on. The script, again, killed one of his best enemies break and became Tony Stark in a responsible person emotionally, and on top of that healthy. Only missing it to go run a marathon and turn it in a kind of Hard to Kill. I'm curious how to do this to keep the franchise interesting, if you still think a new continuation.

homem-de-ferro-3-mandarimIf the script is the weak point, the high point comes on account of the cast where everyone (even the under-utilized Ben Kingsley) are great. Robert Downey Jr. still bright and its taken sarcastic and full of humour, nothing right are surefire.

You can/should have noticed that not I the true villain of the plot or the content of their actions (terrorists), that serve as motivation for the fight against the free world. Well, I thought it best to leave a little suspense and mystery to be discovered in the darkened cinema, sucking drops of anise.

That Tony Stark leave behind your bouts of anxiety and panic and arrange a therapist, the better, because something tells me that your sessions might end up in a violent way.

PS: THE movie has 3D version, but that is used way protocol and does not add much to the film. The 2D version will not disappoint.

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