Men with beards are less attractive

This study is not English – therefore, not very reliable, but, considering the requests, do I register it here in F(r)ases of Life.

In a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Ecology, researchers Barnaby J Dixson, of the University of Wellington in New Zealand, and Paul L Vasey, University of Lethbridge, alberta, in Canada, claim that men with beard look older, with a social status greater and more aggressive in comparison with the same men without a beard. And in terms of sensuality, they come out losing.

The research was done in the following way: 19 men were photographed bearded and after barbearem. It was also requested that they posassem with an expression aggressive in the two versions, with and without a beard. The photos of the before and after were shown to more than 200 women, who had to choose which version was more attractive.

The women who participated in the survey judged the versions barbeadas of men more attractive than the versions barbudas. The men with beards looked older and with a higher social status than the men with the face hairless.

In addition, when you showed the pictures with expression irritated, the version barbuda was elected most aggressive version shaved, demonstrating that the simple existence of the for in the face gives aggression to men.

The hypothesis of the researchers is that the evolution and permanence of the beard in men over time makes reference not to a preference of female – as advocated by Charles Darwin – but the fact of the men in barbados intimidarem his colleagues face hairless.

The research was made with women from New Zealand and Samoa. So we can draw our own conclusions, we compare two versions of actor Gabriel Braga Nunes: the first, with the face shaved and the other one with a beard and wide. Click and drag to compare and vote in the poll. Do you prefer men with beard or without beard?

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