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The study relates the size of a finger to financial success

dedo longoThe study of the University of Cambridge – only relate to the financial operators and concludes that some genetic traits that may be important to the success. But do not think of any feature that is relevant to the eyes of the less fortunate scientifically.

Testosterone it would be the cause and the result more visible would be the big toe:

The measure that is most common to analyze the level of testosterone that a fetus was exposed is the size of ring finger of right hand: the ring finger relatively longer indicates high levels of exposure of the fetus to testosterone.

dedo e dinheiroPeople, by the way, our intrepid researchers have been doing some internship in the South of our country. Can you imagine if they decide that these young men well endowed would be good proctologists?


And as soon when you finish this text, encounter the following question: Why there are no women proctologists performing a rectal examination?

After a search that lasted for months, still no response.

Learn more about the study by following the link.

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