More Fernando Pessoa.

I have the most pain of those who dream the probable, legitimate and the next, of that of that devaneiam about the distant and the strange. Those who dream greatly, or are crazy and believe in that dream and are happy, or are devaneadores simple, for whom the daydream is a music of the soul, that the cases without them saying anything. But the dreams of the possible, has the real possibility of true disappointment. Not me can weigh heavily on the have ceased to be a roman emperor, but it can hurt me never even having spoken to the seamstress who, about nine hours, always return the corner to the right. The dream that promises us the impossible already it deprives us of him, but the dream that promises us the possible intrudes with his own life, and leave it to your solution. People live in a unique and independent; the other submissive from the contingencies of what happens.

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