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Attention: To read a critique of the purely musical, read my text in the Day Online. Learn also how is the new CD from the Queen: The Cosmos Rocks.

Ag. NewsThe week had started with a (good) show another “band of the past” – the Duran Duran – that, in spite of the efforts of the last disc, with holdings of the darlings of the music industry of the times today, has not been able to take off the CD. What did work were the old successes.

Was the question: If Duran Duran was unable to fill the Living River, it will be the Queen (without Freddie Mercury, of course) would be able to fill the Multi-purpose Arena (or HSBC, if you like), a location much higher? Will be that you would be able to get rid of only be an act of nostalgia?

The answer began to be clear to reach in the vicinity of the race track and encounter a huge traffic jam. Not packed, but had at least a 4x more people than in the show of the Durans, this with the price of the ticket getting up to R$ 400!

Ag. NewsI know that it is unfair to compare the weight and the history of the Queen with the Durans, but we have to have some parameter. The subjects of the “Queen” they brought a rock show as expected a. Good sound (which could be a little louder), lights, big screens, great backing musicians and music to suit all tastes.

The initial sequence (full of hits), was what was needed to be sure that no one would dare claim Paul Rodgerssinger competentíssimo (that is the voice of my favorite version of These Arms of Mine, Ottis Readingand that is on the road a long time ago that the own Queen. Rodgers is more rocker, has good stage presence and was able to demarcate his place in the band, on the show and in the hearts of the audience.

The excitement and joy were visible on the faces of Rodgers (who smiled, thanked us and sent us kisses and waves all the time), Roger Taylor (that came to be surprised when the audience sang 39 almost in its entirety), and Bran May (who cried after Love of My Life and at the end of the show, when she couldn't hold back any tears).

“I still remember you singing this song in the 80's...We're going to sing for the friends that are missing. Let's sing by Freddie Mercury”, he said, before Love of My Life.

Ag. NewsWhat could be hokey (the very Love of My Life) ended up being a tribute to the fair and in the right measure. The apparitions of Mercury in Bijou and Bohemian Rhapsody nothing sounded opportunistic. The songs of the Queen are world heritage and the band (even without John Deacon) takes care of them with love and respect, and still show that there is how to live together with elements of the past. Showed that the show and life can continue, without having to forget or leave aside the moments, things or people of the past . Have shown that it is possible to build a different future and be happy just changing what needs to change.

Probably the best show in the international 2008.

High points:

The set of Brian May and Roger Taylor on the ramp that would cut the audience;
The mounting of the drum kit, Roger, during his solo (the battery was mounted while he played);
The inclusion of songs from A Night At the Opera (such as 39 and I'm in Love With My Car);
The Arena (great acoustic sound and great dependencies):
The good shape of the guitar of May,
The stage presence of Paul Rodgers.


The price (abusive to Brazil);
The volume of the sound (could be a few decibels at most),
The Arena (looonnggeee too and everything and with a parking lot hard to get).

Love of My Life


Bohemian Rhapsody

Some photos taken by me (professional photos you find on the Day Online).

Two letters to stop, read and think:

Love of My Life (Freddie Mercury)

Love of my life, you've hurt me
You've broken my heart, now you leave me.
Love of my life can't you see,

Bring it back bring it back,
Don't take it away from me,
Because you don't know
What it means to me.

Love of my life dont leave me,
You've stolen my love, you now desert me,
Love of my life can't you see,

Bring it back bring it back,
Don't take it away from me,
Because you don't know
What it means to me.

You will remember
When this is blown over,
And everythings all by the way,
When I grow older,
I will be there at your side,
To remind you how I still love you
I still love you.

Hurry back hurry back,
Don't take it away from me,
Because you don't know
What it means to me.

The Show must go on (Queen)

Empty spaces – what are we living for?
Abandoned places – I guess we know the score..
On and on!
Does anybody know what we are looking for?

Another hero – another mindless crime.
Behind the curtain, in the pantomime.
Hold the line!
Does anybody want to take it anymore?
The Show must go on!
The Show must go on!
Inside my heart is breaking,
My make-up may be flaking,
But my smile, still, stays on!

Whatever happens, I'll leave it all to chance.
Another heartache – another failed romance.
On and on!
Does anybody know what we are living for?
I guess I'm learning
I must be warmer now..
I'll soon be turning round the corner now.
Outside the dawn is breaking,
But inside in the dark I'm aching to be free!

The Show must go on!
The Show must go on! Yeah!
Ooh! Inside my heart is breaking!
My make-up may be flaking!
But my smile, still, stays on!
Yeah! oh oh oh

My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies,
Fairy tales of yesterday, will grow but never die,
I can fly, my friends!

The Show must go on! Yeah!
The Show must go on!
I'll face it with a grin!
I'm never giving in!
On with the show!

I'll top the bill!
I'll overkill!
I have to find the will to carry on!
Online with the,
On with the show!

The Show must go on.

Listen to the songs of F(r)ases of Life


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2 comments on “Queen – another critical politically incorrect”

  1. Hello Fernando,
    I hope all is well with you. I loved this your post and I agree with you in gender, number and degree. I need to talk with you. As you already noticed we have a page in honor of the Queen, and I would very much like to put this in your text and your photos (such as wallpapers) to enhance our work. Can I talk to you??? I loved it... I think that the press got heavy with them and how to tell??? The only critics that must be taken into account are the own fans, do you agree??? Thank you very much from already. A hug.

  2. The show was really magnificent! I think that is not filled because there was no disclosure sufficient (I rarely see TV, therefore, I did not see the call on TV; I have a friend taxi driver who learned on the 29th that there would be a show...) In fact, only disclose what you want (in a “show”(?!) that happened recently at the maracana, the overcrowding was intense, to the point of all believe that that was the “show” (?!) of the year). Anyway... I Went with my husband who had the privilege of attending 2 concerts by Queen in Rock in Rio’85. He loved it... Cheer, we sing, we follow the choreography and we are moved. Unfortunately, John did not want to continue, and decided to disappear, but Brian and Roger want to and should continue as long as they devoted their lives to the group. It would be selfish to forestall them continue with the Queen. THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!

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