Happiness x happiness

There is no happiness!

A large part of the friends and all the loves never agreed with that statement. In fact, happiness is something that I do not believe even exists. What we have are happy moments, that we must make long-lasting and frequent.

I suspect all that they say that they are happy and I doubt anyone who always say that is VERY happy. They are usually trying to cover up some emptiness or face a tremendous disappointment.

They all seem puzzled when I reply that life will going. It seems that everything goes wrongwhen it is in just a moment warmthat can change in less than two minutes. Happiness can be to make a scratch on his cat (animal), or see a beautiful sunset. Sometimes it is just to be surrounded by friends or to get away from it all.

Some end up convinced by my arguments, others are ignorant and keep their convictions. What amazes me are those who embody the thought and never remember to give the credit, as if it were something out of the inside of their voracious. Generally, these are the most happy!

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  1. Nothing..this text is old. If it were today it would be much worse.

  2. Anderson,

    That's good that you liked (at least one person agrees). I hope you come and visit the blog whenever.

  3. “The greatest part of the thought is based on the satisfaction of desires. Therefore a good part of the thought has at its root a certain dissatisfaction as to what is there. When we go to the depth of the feeling of lack in the mind, we see the depth of the dissatisfaction, because the feeling of lack cannot be filled: when we satisfy a desire, there is always another to be satisfied. While we are trying to satisfy the desire, we want more and more. Ironically, when we feel the depth of the dissatisfaction of the mind there follows a great joy. Because, when we see that no object of the mind, in itself, may satisfy us, we begin to give you everything because there is nothing worthy of attachment. Understand that there is no reason to cling to something that can offer lasting satisfaction shows us that there is no place where to go, that there is nothing that you can have, nothing that can be – and this is freedom.”

    excerpt from the book “A wake up gradual” Stephen Lavine. (depicts meditation and some buddhist ideas). I had the slight impression that this stretch has a connection with your over-thinking.


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