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I'm a fan of pop music, of the choruses are easy, melodies that stick, guitars and talent. Last Friday I had the opportunity to interview Frejat, guitar and soul of the Baron Reductionthe character that always evoked more feelings of sympathy and than any Legião Urbana of life. The lack of presumption and a good dose of friendliness that will help anyone who already has a talent above the average.

Frejat is releasing new CD (Intimacy Between Strangersand who wants to read a bit of the interview or my opinion on the new disk, you can click on the following links: interviewcritical

Frejat is for those who make music for the audience to sing. Some letters balconies (without miss Cazuzahe said in excerpt of the interview that I preferred not to disclose), the arrangements well done, the clips cute, and shows competent.

Who is to read the criticism of the new disc you can watch the clip Two-Sides. My excerpt of letter favorite comes from the song Nothing In Addition To:
Stay with your bonsai, your facebook, your peace
Your flowers, your gardens for winter
If this is heaven, I prefer my hell

Below the clip Secrets (a nice animation that those who have not seen need to see) and the fantastic letter Man does not Cry.

You can call me setorista of Paula Toller and Frejat. It just shows my good taste.

Man does not cry

Man does not cry
Not for pain
Not for love
And before I forget
I never had in my head
You ask for forgiveness
And just because I'm here
Kneeling on the floor
With the heart in hand
Don't want to say
That all changed
That the time has stopped
You won

My face red and wet
It is only from the eyes out
The whole world knows
That man does not cry
This my face red and wet
It is only from the eyes out
The whole world knows
That man does not cry

Man does not cry
Nor have
Nor lose
Tears are water
Fall from my chin
And dry without touching the ground
And just because you saw me
Fall in contradiction
Sleeping in your hand
Will not do
The rain to pass
The world stay
In the same place

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  1. Apart from the bummer of the melodies, the length absurd some of the songs and the lyrics pretensiosamente the ‘head’I have nothing against not.
    Just because the guy was kind of affected is no reason for prejudice :p

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