Nove razões para relembrar Bill Withers

Nine reasons to remind you-Bill Withers

30/05/2020 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

Bill Withers-The Complete Sussex and Columbia Albums brings together the nine albums that made the artist a legend, and is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Bill Withers

Bill Withers has one of those star-a bright, very intense, and very short, at least in terms of the recording process. They were only nine albums, recorded between 1971 and 1985.

In 2012, those nine albums have been gathered together in a box-The Complete Sussex and Columbia Albums. After a long time out-of-print, the dialog box will once again be available to fans.

Died in march of this year, the Withers will always be remembered by the hit “Ain't no Sunshine,” but his work goes far beyond that to this great song. It's been three Grammy awards and his inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction (class of 2005).

The sound of the first e-book with 40 pages

Almost all of the albums are classics, the live-recorded at Carnegie Hall in New York city in 1973, is a hearing required for liking soul and R&b, To make the experience industry's best, all of the records have been remastered from the tapes of the master's original.

It has never been so clear, and the sound of the classic “Lean On Me” and “Lovely Day”, but pretty much all of the songs from the nine albums are great.

Bill Withers

The box also comes with a book of 40 pages, telling the entire story of Bill Withers, the information on the recording disks, and a good amount of pictures.

Bill Withers-The Complete Sussex and Columbia Albums, it's already being sold out there, even though it is not available in the context of the internet. In the meantime, the whole nine albums contained in box, they are there to be listened to.

Look and (listen to) some of the times by Bill Withers




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