As razões pelas quais é seguro comprar nos links do Blog do Feroli

There are different reasons for which is it safe to buy links from Blog site's Feroli

19/12/2019 3 For Fernando de Oliveira

High-performing companies, and a personalized service are just some of the reasons that shopping can be done with a peace of mind for the links to the Blog's Feroli

A survey carried out by CNDL (National Confederation of Shopkeepers), and the SPC-for Brazil (serviço de proteção ao Crédito), shows that 71 per cent of the victims of the fraud has already stopped buying at a website, think of your reputation as well.

It really is not that easy to find out if this site offers low prices, it's a serious one or not. Stay far away from any suspicion of the Users of the Feroli has partnered with a number of large companies. With this, you have to purchase them directly, from the links that we have sent to you, and it can be easily checked.

Tailor made tour and travel facilities

BannerROTEIROS-blogdoferoli Blog

Take advantage of this and many other tips on travel with our tailor made tour. Please get in touch and order one for yourself — just click on the banner!

The main focus of the blog is to give people who want to travel to such a unique experience. For this reason, we have put together a range of experts who needs to travel, prepare itineraries, tailor-made travel.

Working as a travel agency, customized, this blog does all the research for you, and without the danger of leaving your money in a company that can just disappear of the map, to remind you of the event of the insolvency of the Thomas Cook and Wow Air). You get to search prices, and with our tips, links and make your booking direct with the companies (all of which are solid).

In the future, the traveler fills out a form with some information about the trip, what you want to do, and we have a road map in accordance with the requirements of the person. It only costs$ 20 for each day of the trip, and also you can browse prices for hotels, tickets and packages for the destinations and dates you want.

In addition to this, we give you tips on what it takes to get (and stay) in the safety and comfort of your stay. Are tips on insurance, travel, chip for cell phone, and even what is the best kind of handbag you should buy it.

Search for prices and online shop

The other service that is important to the readers of the blog are to searches for a price. Just send us an e-mail to telling you what the CD, DVD, blu-ray disc player, or a book that you are searching for, we make a survey of prices in stores, both in Brazil and abroad) and we will send you the links with the best offer for the product.

Christmas Landscape – you Give gifts to, to win smiles! Special edition for the unexpected gifts of up to 60% off! Check it out!

Thinking of making life easier for cooks and lovers of coffee, the owners of the pets who share a passion for wine and technology, we have partnered with Magazine Luiza and we set up a the shop on the site of the shopwith all the products we recommend or mention on our blog posts.

Magazine Blog do Feroli

You can also search for (and buy) any of the other product is the Magazine, not being able to Stay by you through our web site. This is a good thing, since, again, according to a survey CNDL/SPC, six-in-ten brazilians plan to buy gifts for themselves at Christmas time.

The partners of the blog

In order to get the best deals and prices, and we have made more than one hundred partners in all parts of the world. Among the companies with which we have access are the following:

Hotels and accommodations

Flights to and from the train

To solve the problems that have happened to you during your trip

The tours and admission to attractions on the outer


The Chips for cellular phones and the internet on the outside


Safe for green beans


Car rental

Books, Cd's, Dvd's, blu-ray players, and other products

Amazon no blog


A range of products



Coupons and discounts on the blog

The Blog Feroli it will also disclose the discount coupons for selected products in several online stores. Just add the coupon at the end of your purchase and take advantage of the discount.

Here are a few to help with your Christmas shopping.

BRASTEMP100 (please follow the link and then apply the coupon at the end of your purchase). You get For$ 100 OFF on the First Purchase for the above products, the R$ 1699 the lojaBrastemp!

SAMSONITE10OFF (please follow the link and then apply the coupon at the end of your purchase). You get A 10% discount on your first purchase at the shop for the Samsonite.

CUPOMAFILIO10 (The united
COUPON: the entire site is 10% OFF
” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>follow the link and apply the coupon at the end of your purchase). You get a 10% discount on all of the cars on the website of the United nations.

So, do not be afraid. You buy them using our links to help you keep your blog active!

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