Maratona na Escócia combina puro malte com corrida. Encara?

Marathon race in Scotland, combining a pure malt with a rush. He faces?

23/08/2019 0 For She Thomé

Take the time to complete a marathon, drink whisky, and get to know one of the most beautiful regions of Scotland and is famous for the number of distilleries to a very high standard and meet it it is maraturismo!

We have prepared a hint of gold for the marathon runners who are seeking new challenges, races, different, and... they love to drink whiskey. It happens in Scotland, on the 19th of October, a new edition of the Dramathon.

. Maraturismo: more and more supporters to join the journey, and street racing

For the third year in a row, runners from all over the world will gather in Speysidein the north-east of the country, to take part in one of the four options, the distance of the event.

  • The full ram – 42k (Glenfarclas to Glenfiddich)
  • The half dram half-marathon (Tamdhu to Glenfiddich)
  • We are the dram – 42k for a team of four Glenfarclas to Glenfiddich)
  • The wee dram – 10K (Aberlour to Glenfiddich)

All of the options that take you to the distillery, Glenfiddich (meaning 'valley of the deer' in scottish gaelic — was founded in 1886.

The Dramathon was the brainchild of two lovers of the single malt, John Dunderdale, and Ian King. The direction of the race is the Paul McGreal, and with the organization, in partnership with the Durty Events. Anyone who wants to join is all of the information required in this link.

The start and finish take place in the distilling of whiskey

As well as the arrival and the departure is also from the distillery premises: the output of Glenfarclas for the 42km; and Tamdhu, to the half-marathon; and, of Aberlour, for the 10 km.

. Calendar for 2019 at the latest races in Brazil, north America, South america, Central America and the Caribbean
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The route uses the path of the Speyside. It is good to check the height, because the route covers the trails of the forest, and hilly terrain. There is only one passage is very short from the road, and some along the roads.

The route will also take participants to go through a few of the distillery's most historic in Scotland, including the Knockando and Dalmunach.

In the end, all runners will receive samples of the single malts it corresponds to the distance traveled.

There are also stations for hydration at regular intervals along the route, with water and fruit. But in the last 10K they promise “a few surprises”. And then, in the final stage, there are the distilleries of Balvenie and Glenfiddich, in which all the participants are able to enjoy a lot of well-deserved drams at the party, post-race.


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You can't miss in Moray Speyside?

Speyside is heaven for the scotch! By far, the largest number of distilleries and, arguably, the most famous of the regions of the drink in Scotland. The region takes its name from the river Spey, the main waterway that runs through the area, which is an important asset in the production of whiskys from Speyside.

  • The number of distilleries: 50
  • Still, more of the former: Strathisla (1786)
  • Still, the most popular: Glenfiddich
  • Flavor profile: fruity, sweet, spicy, vanilla

Comprised of a large, fertile valley, and many rivers, and is home to more than half of all the distilleries in Scotland.


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For the most part warm and dry in Scotland, and the fertile lands of the region are ideally suited to the cultivation of barley. This, together with abundant water, place the soft falling of the mountains, transformed into Speyside the production of some of the pure malt the best-loved in the country.

To explore the region, you can be followed the world-famous Malt Whisky Trail™, the ultimate scotch whisky-the world's made up of nine local “must-sees”. Including the seven distilleries, with emphasis on the historic distillery of Dallas Dhu, and the Speyside Cooperage, the only cooperative in the United Kingdom.


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There are some amazing things to do in Moray Speyside. Visit historic sites, walk through the luagres with a stunning view, try out and outdoor activities... take a dram.



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