Imagine vencer uma maratona e receber como prêmio… seu peso em vinho!

Imagine winning a marathon, and you get the prize of your weight in wine!

22/07/2019 0 For She Thomé

The Marathon of the Medoc happens, there is a 34-year-old in the scenic vineyards of south western France. At the points of hydration, wine, oysters, steak, cheese, grapes, and ice cream

There is, yes, gentlemen, a month in France, where the riders will find wine, cheese, and oysters, from the points of moisture. This is the Marathon of the Medoc, which will be in 2019 at the latest, at its 35th edition in a row. It is scheduled for the 7th of September — make a note in your diary!

In accordance with the official rules, the winners, male and female, will receive his weight in wine as a prize. The test takes an average of 8,500 riders each year to the vineyards and villages of the south-west of France. Registrations are now open. The fee is € 88.

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While it meets the standards that the athletic on their way to 26.2 miles, the event is more unusual in the other rules every runner should be wearing, shall we say, extravagant. The issue of the 2019 bonds, and the theme is ‘super heroes’.

All of the participants in the marathon, at its (Photo: AFP/Getty images)

Organizers say the finish line will close after six and a half hours. They claim to be “long enough for you to take advantage of the best, even for a beginner.

After the race, there's a party all night long. The bands present themselves and local farmers to provide food and drink.


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The marathon de Medoc celebrates 35 years

Established in 1985, the race takes its name from the wine-producing region of the Medoc, north of Bordeaux, on the atlantic coast of France. The route passes through the properties of the famous such as Pauillac, St. Julien-Beychevelle, St. Estèphe, and in the past, more than 50 castles.

Throughout the course, the runners are faced with a wine tasting of the wine, oysters, steak, cheese, grapes, and ice cream. In addition to the musical performances. Check out a gallery of images from the race for 2018!

The fastest time was recorded in the edition of year 2018. A little less than a 2h26 be achieved by the athlete in the French
Denis Mayaud.

There are additional charges levied for those who would like to be considered for a dining area, the progress of the six -
miles, on the morning of Sunday, the end of the race.

The medical care is provided by 300 volunteers. They will provide 15 tents and five mobile units,
in view of the diet and the unusual in the corridors.


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