Saiu o trailer final de ‘X-Men: Fênix Negra’

Left the trailer at the end of the ‘X-Men: Phoenix Black

17/04/2019 0 For She Thomé

The story of the Phoenix Black bow of the history of the X-Men, telling the story of Jean Grey, and the Strength of the Phoenix is coming to movie theaters. Check out the trailer at the end of the film, which debuts June 6

20th Century Fox has just released the trailer never-before-seen “X-Men: the Phoenix is the Black. Directed by Simon Kinberg,the film will arrive in theaters on June 6.

Press the play and check it out!

The ‘final chapter’?

In a panel at CinemaCon, which was held from the end of march and beginning of April in Las Vegas (united states), the chairman of Walt Disney Studios, Alan Horn has hinted that the “X-Men: Phoenix of the Black” is the latest production by the team.

Horn said the film “is a farewell to a perfect team of X-Men,” and described the project as “the final chapter” in the world of the X-Men.

The panel also included “The New Mutants” in a discussion of the film will be released theatrically by Disney in 2019. Officially, the world premiere of “The New Mutants” is set for the 2nd of August.

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