Capitã Marvel chega para salvar os Vingadores

Captain Marvel arrives on the scene to save people Like us

05/03/2019 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

Nthe egg, the movie studios, Marvel comics gives you a hint of what might happen in the next chapter in the saga of the The avengers. It would be the Captain Marvel, the response to Thanus?

If you think that Captain America is the first Avenger, and that all is not lost for those who have gone missing in the War, the Endless, the longest in the History of Marvel, which debuts this Thursday (7/3) can be a revelation.


A heroine's unconventional

The Captain Marvel this is one of those minor characters in the Marvel Universe, but that's going to revolutionize the universe of film from super-heroes and are created by the Stan Lee. Lee, in fact, it is present in a long from the very beginning.

The movie shows the origin of the heroine Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel) — played by oscarizada Brie Larson in a time where the Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jacksonhad two eyes, and the agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) I was just a beginner.

In the story, it's not the most believable, but, since we're talking about super-heroes, it was not the same as to expect something at least minimally logical. The story of a young man and Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot in the United States, and it became one of the most powerful beings in the universe, they have their season.

The story is not linear

The film goes back and forth in time, and in the memories of the protagonist, and Carol Danvers. To avoid too many spoilers, just tell you that the flashes of the memories of the pilot, heroin will work, but you have to give the impression that they had been used a little bit more than is necessary.

This is the type of technique that had been used so hard in a long from Marvel, but because this film is the first directed by a woman (Anna Boden), and to paint the portrait of a hero, of the female sex, one would expect a different feel to it in the conduct of the project.

S. H. I. E. L. D.

One of the things that can annoy those who follow the Marvel movies since the beginning of the new-source the name of the S. H. I. E. L. D. Who saw him for the first The man in the Iron you will understand it.

The other point is strange, this is the reason why the Later need to group the Stars taking to be as a Captain among his allies. In fact, why don't you call her before you almost all to be lost?

Nick Fury está de volta em Capitã Marvel

The 90's in the vein of the

One of the best terraces in the film, which takes place in the 90's, well before the events of the first "Iron Man" -- was to re-create the era, with some of the icons that you are never going to get out of the mind of the people who lived through those times.

See you in a Blockbuster store, the radio shack, listening to the sound of a modem connecting to the internet, see the Windows screen loading a file, or to remind you of the songs that were picked out to the trail the sound of the movie, it will bring smiles to the faces unwilling to let many of the audience.

A good cast in the film the long

The film is long (over 2 hours), but it's not enough to get bored. A good cast, where Annette Bening's Hairstyles and Jude Law also, if you stand out will help keep in mind the loose ends of the scriptbut believe me when I say, this is a cat who steals all of the scenes in the longer one. A long, long life, Goose.

Goose é o grande trunfo do longa da Capitã Marvel

Unfortunately, Captain Marvel should make a movie less of a transition in the Marvel comics Universe, and despite all of his powers.

You could use the topics as logical as to speak of the brilliance of the character in relation to the brightness of the film, so I don't know what 96,72% of the reviews are going to do it.

Capitã Marvel tem várias reviravoltas

Thus, while the Upcoming Deadline you can't stop to watch it without high expectations — Captain Marvel (or is it Sea Level?).

PS: As always, don't miss the scenes, hidden away during the credits!

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