Bryan Adams lança novo disco, Shine a Light

Bryan Adams releases new album, Shine a Light

04/03/2019 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

The singer has arrived to offer you signed copies of the new CD, available at Amazon in English. The album hit the market on march 1st, and it doesn't bring any innovation to the sound of Bryan Adams

A lot of people twist the nose for the song is made by a canadian Bryan Adams. The problem is that the pop is created by the musician appeals to those who buy the disk and download music from the streaming service, ensuring good exposure and revenue.

Bryan Adams também faz parte da pesquisa

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Right now, Bryan is back with a Shine a Lightwith the participation of names such as Ed Sheeran and Jennifer Lopez z z z in the credits. In the effort to get the drive to be a success, it is so big that it's even a version of jersey that is being sold on Amazon, in English (click on the image).

The same blend of pop/rock songs

According to Adams, the new album is “aa mix of rock, pop, and R&B” and he's right. After all, anyone who has won a Grammy award and has sold more than 75 million albums, you already know how to play the game, and when, and why to take a chance on a new play.

The pop that is characteristic of the song's title to Whiskey in the Jarthat closes out the album, Jay goes for a ballad, a guitar, and roquinhos, without risking too much. The result is the same as that of many a love and many others hate it.

That's How Strong Our Love Is the duet with Jennifer Lopes —it should be the centerpiece of the album, but it does not work as expected. The truth is that it's a song you can even make a success of it, but it's weak.

Bryan Adams-into the time capsule

There were four years between the Get Up To and Shine a Lighta period-Bryan Adams-it seems to have come into a time capsule and preserved in the years he was dominating the charts. The problem is that the world has moved on.

What cannot be denied is that the canadian, you know what your audience likes. It remains to be seen, the size of the public in 2029.

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