Paul McCartney em Curitiba – o que fazer

Paul McCartney's in-Curitiba – what do you do

03/03/2019 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

Tips to enjoy the show from the biggest pop icon in the world, and also to take advantage of the around the world

Paul McCartney's show, to be sure, but with the passing of the ex-beatle in the capital of parana state is also a great opportunity for those who are not out there to get to know some of the attractions of the city.

Thinking of those people who are not 'locals', the staff of the The Blog's feroli he has prepared a roadmap for someone who's not just thinking about a there-and-back. Tips for hotels, transportation, dining, attractions, etc.

Paul in Curitiba!

Jet (how to get)

By bus or by plane, your options are good ones. The airport is not too far away from the city Centre (18 km) and has easy transportation to get around town, as well as the local bus station.

Baixe uma versão simplificada do nosso roteiro personalizado para o show de Paul McCartney em Curitiba

Mamunia (where to stay)

There are also hotels close to the stadium, which can be very useful, since there are no subways and the only options are the bus stop, a taxi rank, or using an app. Check out some of the suggestions in the script.

Appreciate (what you see)

The city is also a city of great museums The museum of the Holocaust and The Oscar Niemeyer Museum they are great and the botanical gardens, is highly acclaimed. But there's more to it (see the roadmap).

"Eat at Home" (to where and what to eat)

Curitiba is not known for a typical dish, which means that the dining options are quite varied.

Two tips not to miss is to try out the The meat of Onçe — which is the meat ground and seasoned in front of you. A kind of Steak Tartare. The dish can be found almost everywhere in the city. The indication of the time it's not going to Mercearia Fantinatoa casual place, but it's pretty cool.

NOTE: it Is very close to the Couto Pereira!

And for those who want a hint less self-evident, I would advise you to try out ravioli of globe artichoke the Pantucci's Trattoria The Italian restaurant is also located very close to the location of the show on the Court.

Rio, Paris ou Curitiba? Preparamos o seu roteiro

Please click on the picture and you have your tour customized

Drink to Me (the one where you drink)

Since we are talking about a road trip to watch Paul McCartney on the indication, the more obvious it is Became the CWB. The bar thebriu by 2018, inspired by the original, there of the city called Liverpool. On the Friday (pre-show), there will be a special program. The value of, nor is it expensive ($10).

There's a lot more to do and see (check the script), and leave the party even more lively, both before and after the purchase of the old Macca's.

See you there!

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