Travel tips: The best cities for coffee lovers

The amount of coffeeshops does not mean that you have to go to find quality

Americans love coffee probably as much as the brazilians or the italians. However, to find a cup of coffee, pretty decent it's not easy to be there in the land of Uncle Sam.

Starbucks Coffee em  SãoFrancisco, California
Starbucks Coffee in san Francisco, Calif.

To the ease (or not) in the lives of those who do not have to live without it (the coffee), to the web site Apartment Guide he made a list of the u.s. cities with the most coffeeshops for the other person.

Berkeleyin California, it was in the first position, shop for each and every 2.073 residents. The number looks impressive, even more so because we don't have that kind of statistic here, and it shows in the ease with which it is found in a cup of the dark liquid down there.


You have the best beans in the world, and a huge amount of sites offering you coffee, it is far from ensuring any sort of quality. With very few exceptions, the coffee drunk in the United States, it is poor, watery, lacking in character.

The only guarantees you have is that it will come to you — whether you are the type who ask for it in large glasses, and it will be very hot.

The experience is worth just as much as eating a hot dog in the vicinity of the Central Park, or try a pizza in Rome, or Florence, or fish and chip shops in London, uk.

It serves primarily to mark on his list of those who have been made.

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It is, of course, that is no way to get away from the problems on the more conventional, such as a coffeeshopsif you accept to pay a little bit more pricey for a special in the various stores with the trends of italy and france, which are popping up like mushrooms through the big city in the united states.

Expresso é sempre a melhor opção

To them, you will not only find the coffees from the truth, as it may still be a little off, with numerous bagels and team scouring the shops and stalls in the streets.

Dunkin' Donuts até tem bons cafés gelados

Of the three, the most

A list of the three cities in which they were at the top of the the ranking this is not surprising. Only in san Francisco, the big cities, is one of them.

1 Berkeley, CA  - com uma loja para cada 2.073 residentes
2 Vancouver, WA - com uma loja para cada 2.224 residentes
3 San Francisco, CA  - com uma loja para cada 2.297 residentes
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