Revolving credit card has reached 25% of the users credit card in 2018

Unemployment is one of the reasons for the decision of one of the forms of credit more expensive in the world

In spite of the indicators of the brazilian economy give signs that there is a (slow) recovery, the path to that brazilian consumers leave behind all the ills of years of misrule in the industry it seems that it will still be quite long.

According to data from the CNDL/SPC Brazil, 22% of brazilian consumers had credit denied in December, 77% of people live on a knife-edge and, worse, 25% of the users credit card failed to pay the full amount of the invoice, passing the sign on the revolving credit, the modality with the higher interest rates in the market.

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The (still) the most high number of unemployed and the uncertainties about the future political and economic of the country in nothing to help these poor brazilian.

Card is more used for clothes and grocery shopping

Still according to the survey, the majority of the people used the credit card to pay for the expenses with clothing and grocery shopping.

So far, so good. What is the outside of the curve is the average value of these expenditures: R$ 752,85 (12/2018).

By the way, a lot of things will still get worse before they improve.

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