GoT ‘booze’ in this last season!

Distilleries in scotland have launched a collection of eight ‘single malt’, one for each house of Westeros

The eighth and final season Game of Thrones you will have the first episode in the HBO on the 14th of April. Many fans of this series of bloody, brutal and shocking and would soon be missed of the seven kingdoms.

The teaser latest the long-awaited season finale of the series shows Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Arya (Maisie Williams) walking through the crypt of Winterfell to the sound of the phrases of the deceased Lyanna, Catelyn and Ned Stark — all about the origin of Jon.

While we do the countdown, we honor an unforgettable and unique character in the saga and... drink!

“There is no history that a drink as good does not make it better.”

Thoros of Myr

Special edition of pure malt GoT

But we may drown our sorrows and nostalgia of the saga while we enjoyed malts individual especially selected, whose flavours have been chosen to represent each house.

So, if you are a mother of dragons, or the Lord Commander of the Night Watchyou can find a malt beautifully worked to suit your palette.

For added luck, there is no need of visiting the distant land of Westeros, to discover these wonders.


“... This is what I do: I drink and I know things.”

Tyrion Lannister

Distilleries in scotland produce whisky GoT

The complete collection of wisky GoT (Photo: Disclosure)

Anyone visiting the scottish capital can stay in the Strathallan Guest House. Thence, is near to know Cardhuthe distillery chosen to create the single malt of the House Targaryen: Dragon Stone Gold Book.

Not theme; the drink does not spit fire. It is, in fact, described as a whisky with notes of red apple, caramel, oak and nuts that goes down like silk. Perfect to sip in front of a fireplace with crackling fire.

The distillery of Oban, is the Night's Watch (Photo: Disclosure)

Not very distant, in the Isle of Skye, in the Highlands, it is also possible to visit the distillery Talisker.

Skye is the perfect backdrop to the whisky's Home Territory. Based on a family that ruled the Islands of Iron, the single malt of color golden copper is the perfect result of the use of barrels, ex-charred, giving you a smell of smoke, with touches of pepper and a note of bitter chocolate.

Each house in Game of Thrones have a whisky specially selected. The Houses Tully, Stark, Lannister, Baratheon and Tyrell were also honored with his own bottle. As well as the Night Watchwith a bottle total black beautiful.

The ‘White Walker’ (Fluffy: Disclosure)

But for those who are more into the style villain zombie frozen, the Johnnie Walker launched a White Walker (duh) whisky. The limited edition has bottles at$ 27. The other drinks from the collection have prices ranging between$ 30 and$ 100.

What are you waiting for if you venture around the Highlands and discover what is your malt staff of Westeros?

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