Travel tips XI: Protect yourself from the thieves in the aircraft

It may seem strange, but this is a threat that starts to become frequent in the Middle East, Africa and Asia

Many travelers around the world have already heard of the dangers of leaving your belongings out of sight in airports, even in the board rooms. Thieves act indiscriminately, whether in New Delhi, Paris, Cape Town, São Paulo or New York. What many don't expect is that there will be thieves inside the planes!

Nenhum cuidado é pouco dentro dos aviões

To our terror — passengers of the economic classes — the bad news is that these gangs act exactly where the passenger with less money travelling. The reason? Are many. There are more people, more kids, more movement, more distraction and more opportunities.

They take advantage of the hours of sleep, going to and from the people and even the hour of dining to violate the possessions of others.

Few data

It may seem strange that it is almost impossible to find any report about this type of event, but it happens because they are, in most cases, the treaties (and hidden) by the airlines the same way as other complaints about problems on the flights, such as delays, loss of baggage or entertainment system broken.

In addition, as the majority of people only discover that something is missing when he came out of the airport, many do not give the complaint, causing the statistics to be as well unreliable.

Take care of your things

To avoid being a victim of these thieves flying it is necessary to take some precautions, because this fashion you should not take to get here.

Believe me, the majority of these thieves age on international flights and in the medium and long term, and you will only discover what happened when it is too late, again.

Some cautions:

  • Always try to save your belongings in a compartment above or in front of your seat. Never leave your things in a place behind you;
  • Do not travel with jewelry and objects of great value;
  • Keep your documents always with you, as well as your smartphone and any medications that you may need to take regularly;
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and, in case you need it, never let out of your sight/body;
  • Never put credit cards in the outside pockets of backpacks or handbags;
  • Whenever possible, use the lock or you can purchase bags with locks;
  • Place your luggage in the compartments, with the zippers and fastenings on the side facing the interior (bottom) of the roof;
  • Keep laptops and things of value inside of the hand luggage and in a place that makes it difficult for the your withdrawal (in the middle of clothes or other items;
  • If you purchase something at duty-free shop inside the plane, never allow any crew member to take your credit card away from you.

Danger unexpected

More frightening than to know that they can steal your stuff inside the plane is to know that there have already been cases where members of the crew were these thieves.

After all, they have access to parts of the aircraft that the passengers do not have and too easily to mess around in the overhead bins without feeding any suspicion..

It is certain that only a very small part of the employees of the airlines are so dishonest, but there are the good and the bad in everyone and an opportunity can be just too tempting to be ignored.

Therefore, do not give chance to the chance. Don't give chance to your trip can be ruined by such an event, even if you have a super secure. The headache is not worth it.

Take care!

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