Travel tips: All aboard the Jose Cuervo Express Train

World Cuervo offers experience etílica watered the tequila inside of a train in Mexico

One of the brands of tequila, the most well-known in the world, the Jose Cuervo apparently tired of doing the lovers of the drink to travel only conotativamente. Went to the denotativamente “with strength”.

The brand of mexican tequila offers an experience of the train in which it is possible (and desirable!) drink, drink and drink tequila — the call all-you-can-drinkalso known as open bar.

The aim is that participants enjoy (or return shotswithout judgement), drink as much as they can in a luxury travel express from Guadalajara to Tequila, Mexico.

Must be the paradise

If you is one of my, must already be itching to book your ticket. Here goes: on the website TravelPiratesthe price of the tickets, the discount is with the value ranging between$ 111 and$ 132. The values are valid until December 2019.

This is for tequila unlimited, my people!!!

There are three package options: express, premium and premium plus. The price include the ride there and back, open bar (what really matters), a tasting expert, visit to the distillery Jose Cuervo and a cultural show mexican.

The distillery La Rojeña it is one of the oldest in the Americas. Produces the famous liqueur handcrafted in the company of tequila for over 250 years.

In addition to visiting the installation, there are other attractions, such as the Margaritas Bar and Plaza Juan Soriano — with a permanent exhibition of sculptures of one of the most important mexican artists of the century XX.

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Just add sunset and enjoy.

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And whoever has the luck of a liver strong after the train of tequila, you can embark on the wine train. The Napa Valley Wine Tours offers his own experience in California.

Let's look at the glass (shot) half-full here, ok? The three-hour drive through the wine region includes a dinner gourmet of the four dishes, tasting a Casa Dragones and a cocktail party unique.

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