Yesterday, uma fantasia Beatle

Yesterday a fantasy to Help

14/02/2019 1 For Fernando de Oliveira

The film's director, Danny Boyle takes the viewer to a world without the music of the Fab Four

Who ever thought you'd get rich and famous? Anyone who has ever thought of being an artist of international fame? Now, who would ever have thought to be successful by creating and singing the songs of the Beatles?

Filme ainda não tem data para estrear no Brasil

Well, that's the whole premise of the Yesterday — the new film from the director of the academy award-winning, Danny Boyle (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Steve Jobs— which hits theaters american in June of that year.

In the story, Jack, United Kingdom (as interpreted by the Himesh Patelis a musical failure, that one day, he suffers an accident on a bike, and wakes up in a dimension where only he knows all the songs on the album. The result of that is fame, fortune, and a reputation as a genius.

Longa é cheio de participações

The trailers are amazing (especially international), and gives the impression that it's going to be great fun-even by the script Richard Curtisresponsible for the Book Of Love and A Place Called Notting Hill.

Watch and have fun with it!


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