Erasmo Carlos bem longe da fama de mau

Erasmo Carlos-far from the fame of the bad

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Cinebiografia the Tremendão was a giant rock ' n ' roll kind

My Reputation's Bad, cinebiografia is based on the book written by Erasmo Carlothe journalist Leonardo Lichoteand it hits theaters on Thursday (may 14) drinks at the source of the latest Bohemian Rhapsodythat is the story of a Freddie Mercury, A Star is born and in the one to come Rocket Manthat will tell you the story of the Elton John.

With a debut scheduled for this Thursday (the 14th), in the long run by The Dothe son of a Roberto Fariaswho directed the trilogy's historical trilogy of movies that starred by Roberto Carlos Roberto Carlos and Diamond Pink (1968), Roberto Carlos em ritmo de Aventura" (1970), and Roberto Carlos a 300-Kilometer-per-Hour In 1971, following a path similar to the films of his father.

In spite of trying to tell you is a true story, there is humor, fantasy, and some of the licenses are poetic, and the temporal, which makes the film more light, and less precise.

Filme entra em cartaz nesta quinta (14)

A good cast

The characterization leaves much to be desired in comparison to this, in the main, with Bohemian Rhapsody, there's no denying that Chay Suede (Desiderius erasmus), Gabriel, Leo (Roberto Carlos),
Malu Rodrigues (Wanderléa), Bruno de Lucca (Carlos Imperial), and Bianca Comparato (who plays several characters in the female – Part, Samara, Clare, Karen, and Sara), they do a good job of it.

It is worth highlighting that the interpretation of the Isabella Garcia (as a Diva, mother of Erasmus) Paula Toller (Candinha), and He Was Also A Composer, Alexandre (who steals some of the scenes, such as Tiao “Tim Maia.

O trio que comandava o programa Jovem Guarda

The cast is one of the strengths of the film, it suffers from a script to be loose, and that you will only up to the mid-70's, leaving out many of the stories and the songs.

We don't see a mention of the hits written by Roberto and Erasmo to the King or to the greatest hits of his career in the Tremendão, how to Women's, Overview Of Ecological, The Only Son Of or Take the Lie.

Very nice

My Reputation's Bad, can't even be considered a true autobiography, as it focuses on the story of a young desiderius Erasmus, in the days of the poor of the District when he was a petty theft with his friends in the neighborhood, among them names such as Taio (Tim) is Maia, and Jorge Ben.

O Erasmo do cinema e o Erasmo da vida real

The Erasmus of the movie is that of family, friend, and full of insecurities and contradictions. In a vision, that he made himself desiderius Erasmus to ask the officer the reason it has been portrayed such a nice guy. The reason for this? We don't know.

Even in the scenes in which the movie depicts the success of the Young Guard of the movement, the music, and the TV program is led by the trio of Roberto, Erasmo and Wanderléa — you can see he is a man of integrity, passionate about the rock-and-roll, and being conscious of the quality of the music produced.

Original soundtrack

One of the strengths of the film is that the soundtrack is performed by the actors themselves, aside from the often awful voice acting of most of the productions of the same genre.

The songs that come with the tape that came with Erasmus over the stage, they are sharp, and they bring freshness to the success of the early career of the Tremendão of the King, and the cities of porto.

"Erasmo", "Roberto" e a banda do Tremendão

I'm Terrible, Watch Artful, The Black Cat, I stopped by in the Opposite direction and the title track are extra special and will not disappoint you in relation to the original records. Unfortunately, in the end, grown-up songwriter, is virtually ignored, with only a few of the songs that are being used as a trail, however, and that leaves out a lot of the good harvest, the recent mode of transport.

I listen to everything that pops up on the internet, on TV or on the radio. A few times I have heard, and say, “Good Music”, but then I'm already listening to something else. It is very much a group, lots of music, lots of information, lots of singing. This is just confusing the minds of the people. Do not give in to follow,, and to get to know all over the world. I've given up this is a very long time. When I want to listen to music, I listen to my old vinyl records of rock, basic bossa nova, etc.” — she desiderius Erasmus.

The license lines and the abrupt ending

Although he's only up to the mid - ' 70s, the film makes use of the feature to transfer events to the dates, quite different from the real, in order to accommodate these developments in a little more than 2 hours in duration. This is the case with the scene in which Roberto shows you a song, a Friend to Erasmus, who in the film takes place many years before it actually happened.

It is worth noting that, for the reason that the formatting of such a friendship are not so much discovered, one of the major flaws of the script.

The film ends with a scene at Tremendão and family in the private sphere. His passions include the Vasco da Gama — they appear in the records that is shown in the credits.

A memory of a past century

The reconstruction of the streets and buildings of Rio, and in São Paulo in the last century, they are very good, as well as at the hands of the file, it shows in the two cities.

Even for those who have not lived through such a period, the images should turn to the curious history of a time when everything seemed to be (and was) slower and slower and more personal.

Chay Sued na pele do Gigante Gentil

The production was a concern to rebuild it with a Brazilian (Rio de janeiro, and São Paulo in the decade of the ' 60s, when all the people and the music was more naive, and even the traffic was fierce. This is a detail you can't really make a difference in the story, but it is a very welcome development in the final assembly of the piece.


My Reputation's Bad it's fun. You should not win an Oscar or compete for the major awards, but it serves as a document of one of the most important musical movements in the history of the country, and a part of the history of one of the greatest songwriters of our time.

The pictures of Erasmus and rob at the pre-launch is to save it for posterity.

Amigos de fé, irmãos camaradas

Roberto and Erasmo: a bowl of popcorn and a movie

Quote: *** ½

Listen to the soundtrack of the movie

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