Televisão: Os apartamentos de Jorge Bispo

Televisão The apartments of George Bishop

25/09/2018 0 For She Thomé

The photographer's debut on the Channel in Brazil, “502”, which deals with the nude male

In this post, I do a mea culpa, I tell you a story quick, and I would also like to play umanovidade on your lap for you. Not necessarily in that order, of course).

Just the other day I was in the laundry room, and a woman who held one of the machines and pulled up to talk to us. The one expected to sort the queue. "Not finding the fact that I was living with a guy stuck one in my book.

We talked with amenities for the entire family.

I went back to read it, but it shot up:

When you're finished reading it, I have a question to ask. An interesting point...

The book is in my hands, bulging, and had come to the half of the page. I took a deep breath, and pay attention to the partner in the dirty clothes. She wanted to know, first of all, if I was in the Channel, in Brazil. And here comes the mea culpa.

I stopped and thought to myself. Can't remember the last time I sintonizei the tv station itself. Even I need to point out that, apart from the football, don't turn over the channel of the TV, with the convenience of streaming, gave up on the TV with the cable, it got hung up on the time. I said no, she was not used to.

It was then that she entered her discomfort with the program with which they are faced, one day, zapeando. It was a “302”. Since 2014, photographer George Bishop to work on your project, which is designed for the internet, “Apartment 302” — like television show.

Have been in the air for four seasons. In it, regular women stripping, in the broadest sense of the word, through the lens of a Bishop. And the camera's Channel in Brazil. The question to him in the laundry room:

It leads them to do so? And why do women and not men?

What happens in 10 minutes in the 302

Out of curiosity, I went to check it out.

Each episode has a duration about 10 minutes). The guest, a woman of “common”, tells its own story, in front of the camera. The handling is typical of tv.

Real women in their own environment where, in theory, if you feel more comfortable. They tell their story, to talk to someone who never shows up. It does not matter; he is speaking to you, the viewer.

At the beginning of it, the nakedness is metaphorical. The subject area should be to have as much integrity as possible. The camera is in therapy at the time. After you have to face your ghosts, you need to find. And, according to the Bishop, no way, it's best to do this, you will not be totally bare.

In the end, there is a picture. And, perhaps, for a lot of women, for the peace of mind.

My best friend in the laundry room, the satisfaction of working it out, right now, the universe is men's.

Nude men the two-story, above: 502

From the 28th September, the photographer will bring the latest news to your screens, the “502”, which explores the nude male. The series will be directed by Helen de Castro. Download VK wrote the original music for the opening ceremony.

As well as the “302,” the relation of the body is a theme very much present in the “502”. But on issues such as racism, masculinity, manhood, sexuality, and, of course, the size of your penis, it will also play a role in the question of when the men take to the laundry.

The program also will feature a character with a trans that is clearly their motivation for being there: if you recognize it, and if you say how to do it. The act of undressing, He said that the guys are very, very similar to those in women.

“I've been surprised by how it doesn't make much of a difference. Even with the taboo subject of penis size, masculinity, and so on. I saw there are men of various profiles as well, as was the case with the women. Can't seem to identify a feature of the lives of the men in this regard”

George Bishop

While in the women's shot for the “302”, freedom, and self-awareness appeared among the main reasons for embarking on the project, for both the men and the reasons for this are varied: a challenge, a vanity, a statement to explain his or her sexuality.

The hit moment? Zapeia!

Premiere: Friday, July 28, at 0h
When: Friday, midnight
Rating: a 14-year
Director: Helen de Castro

Translated by Yandex.Translate and Global Translator