The documentary opens wide the demons and the dramas of the life of Eric Clapton

Life in 12 Barsthat was shown in cinemas out there and arrives in stores in June, thrills even who is not a fan of the guitarist

Eric Clapton
it is one of the musicians most celebrated and talented of the world. Has composed songs that have become rock classics, has already won several awards and loved several women. However, he had a life full of lows, and now, after 70 years, decided to open your heart in a documentary where, more than narrate their career, about their hurts, their addictions (alcohol and drugs) and their traumas. Life in 12 Bars (Life in 12 beats, in free translation) serves as a beautiful add for any of the numerous biographies of the musician, and confirms that it is the same a survivor.

The film, directed by the director and producer, Oscar-winner, Lili Fini Zanuckhad as its basis a series of interviews where Clapton spoke unreservedly about everything. So, maybe, the music is in a kind of according to plan, although the own Clapton is categorical: “The music saved me”. The main focus is the same in the life of the artist, since childhood, when he was abandoned by his mother, raised by grandparents – he spent a good part of their childhood thinking that the sister was his mother and only got to know the mother is already a big boy -until the family man today, passing by the madness of the 60's and 70's and by the death of the son Connorin 1991.


If the 60s were the era of marijuana and LSD, the 70's were the era – Clapton – heroin and alcohol. Although widely available, it is different to read about the effects of the drug in Clapton and to see and hear these effects. In an interview with the voice completely flat, he says to hate life and that's not going to stay here (on Earth) for a long time. More distressing still is to see scenes of Clapton snorting cocaine and drunk on and off stage, in a state far more deplorable than when I used heroin. The absurdities racist comments – that are not shown in the documentary, which only displays newspaper clippings on the subject – and the erratic behavior of the musician, show the reason of this decade virtually ignored in most of the biographies. He simply does not remember much.

However, in terms of addiction, we can say that it all began with a woman: Pattie Boyd/Layla/Harrison. The then-wife of beatle George Harrison, best friend of Rachel, and owner of some borogodó powerful – it is worth remembering that she was the inspiration for songs like Something, Layla, Wonderful Tonight and Breathe On Merolls her eyes the head of the guitarist, who has immersed himself in heroin, and ended up producing their best work: Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, a desperate cry of love, which he ended up not having an effect and only worsened the life of the God of Guitar.


As I said before, Life in 12 Bars serves as a complement to the biographies of Clapton, especially with regard to his career. There are a few moments and outtakes interesting of his career with the Cream and, especially, about the process of creating the first and only album of the Derek and the Dominos. All the rest – including the meeting with Hendrix it is brushed so stricken, but that does not give due depth that your music deserves. Multiple discs are just mentioned and others totally ignored, which makes the documentary capenga in this sense.

The soundtrack of the documentarythat will also be launched in June, brings some good news, among them the full version of success I Shot the Sheriff and two mixes made by own Clapton songs from his first solo album, although let it also be more restricted to the early years of the career of the guitarist. Even so, it is clear that there is still a lot of thing unprecedented in the files of the guitarist. Another point to the soundtrack is to bring some equity of Clapton in the disks of people like the Beatles and Aretha Franklin.

Drama and excitement

If a musical career is used as a stay secondary, it is impossible not to be moved by moments like the birth of a first child, Connor, as Clapton nurtured and germinated the spirit of the father, and how the tragic death of the boy affected to your life and, very probably, kept him alive. The moment in which Clapton is at home reading letters of condolence and ends up discovering a treasure of the son, is of those that make any human being minimally normal keep your eyes filled with water. And if the first scene of the documentary – a video message recorded on the day of the death of friend and idol B. B. King – it seems out of context, the last scene of the documentary makes everything fit together.

Life in 12 Bars has a lot of qualities and defects. May not be the documentary is the definitive on the career of one of the biggest names in rock and blues of all time, but it is definitive for someone who needed to exorcise it all, exorcise all the ghosts and demons that have made it possible to become a good father, husband and person.

The CD, DVD and Blu-ray has launch scheduled for the day 8 June – without expected to launch in Brazil – and (hopefully) should bring some extras that can further enrich the work.

Clapton wins the show-a tribute by the 73-year-old in Rio de Janeiro (13/04/18)

Big Gilsonprobably the greatest exponent of the blues, the national, and the Clapton Tribute BandCharles Zanol (vocal), Pedro The Lion (low), Rubens Achilles, (guitar), and Gil Eduardo (battery) – celebrated the career of God of Guitar in concert at Teatro Rival. With a repertoire that ran the whole career of Clapton, the band showed moments of sharp (Badge and I Shot the Sheriff) and some less inspired (Old Love). The (excellent) band Oldstockthat opened the night, had a great mix of classic rock and blues and warmed up the audience for Big Gilson & the Cia become the Rival in an authentic bar blues Chicago.
The 73-year-old guitar company, as supplemented on 30 march, were very well celebrated. Many other celebrations will still happen.


The songs of the show

Key to the Highway (acoustic)
Nobody Knows You When You re Down and Out
Before You Accuse Me
Blues Before Sunrise
Tell the Truth
Riding With the King
Bad Love
Have You Ever Loved a Woman?
Old Love
I Shot the Sheriff
Tearing Us Apart


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