Brazil is the sixth-most kills of the journalists in the world

Brazil will be the largest kills in many other professions, unfortunately.

Jornalistas mortosThe entity-the Press Emblem Campaign (PEC), based in Geneva, has released a survey which focuses on the numbers of journalists ' killings around the world. Over the past five years, the 35 media professionals have been killed in Brazil, which put him in 6th position in the ranking of the most dangerous countries for the exercise of their profession.

Syria topped the list with 86 deaths, followed by Pakistan accounting for 55 deaths, in addition to Iraq and Mexico, each with a total of 46 deaths. In the same period of time, they were alone, 42 people have died in Somalia. When you take into account only the year of 2015, the situation in Brazil, with seven cases of homicide, ties with countries such as Yemen and Sudan in the South, which are involved in the war.

As of January, 128 journalists have been killed in the 31 countries. The majority of the deaths were caused by terrorist groups and criminal organizations. Syria, which is dominated by the Islamic State, is again at the top of the list, with eleven victims. Iraq and Mexico, each of the ten journalists killed, will split the second place. France, Libya, nigeria, and the Philippines, had eight hits in each of them.

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