TAM will release the use of cell phones and tablets in airplane mode during all phases of flight!

It is incredible that the use of cell phones is so retingido in Brazil. Out there (USA and Europe), the banks and the airlines that use the wi-fi as a draw for new users, as everything is forbidden, in the name of security, or the lack of ability to provide security for the citizens, and the poor technological conditions of our aircraft and airports.

I hope this is the start of a big change.

Wi-fi aviãoTAM airlines has announced that passengers who fly on some of the domestic routes of the company will be able to keep your portable electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and cameras to turn them on during the flight in airplane mode. Up to the 31st of January to use it will be released across all domestic flights, and up to march, all the international flights. The company would not say which routes it will launch with the release, so those who are flying with TAM airlines in January, you must follow the directions of the commission.

Since the release of the federal aviation administration in the United States in 2013, after studies have shown that the electrical devices do not affect the safety of the flight, the north american airlines have started the release of mobile phones and tablets, during all phases of flight, and, being taken, little by little, by european and asian companies. In Brazil, this practice has only started in earnest in 2015, with flights on the GOAL, which was the first airline in brazil to release the use of electronics during all phases of flight.

Some of you may not fully understand the value of such a measure, but for someone who has at least 6 flights per week to 15 minutes of use of the electronic flight may represent up to approximately 84 hours of work in a year, or you can take the 42 films on the plane. You do not need to travel so much, you have the freedom to listen to music, watch a video, or even read a book on a cell phone or a tablet, without being taken up by the commissioners, it is such a relief and so much more.

tam-passagens-aviaoIt is difficult to understand why so much delay in, or resistance to the implementation of this practice in Brazil, given that the planes are used by the companies in brazil are the same as for the Airbus, Boeing or Embraer to fly around the world. Let's hope that it's a common mistake to think one and the Blue one is not to sleep on the spot, and set up the release later this year.

The news is particularly interesting for the passengers on the TAM is due to its brand new home entertainment system, which is already in operation in some of the aircraft, and that it should be extended to the whole of the fleet, home to the long end of 2016. It is possible to watch movies, tv shows, documentaries, and even some of the YouTube channels on their own smartphone, tablet or laptop. All of the content is stored on a server system, calling the memory of your device. It also has an interactive map that allows you to keep track of the route, and the rest of the time-of-flight.

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  1. The delay has, I think, with the precarious environment of airports and the disruption of order, a technique that, in theory, can cause it to fly.

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