Lenovo is going to end up with a mark in the Motorola

The truth is that it is so that we are all in mourning. After all, the phone is only there for the sake of it!

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The ESC of 2016, has been the result of some very good news for the mobile world in the last few days, but it seems that the show was on the stage too, a human disaster”. The chief operating OFFICER of Motorola, Rick Osterloh, said in an interview today at CES that the brand name “Motorola” it will slowly be replaced by Lenovo. In a nutshell, the name of the company that invented the mobile phone will cease to exist in the mobile world.

“We're going to slowly delete the brand name Motorola, inc. and focus on the line, ‘Bike’,” said Osterloh. Basically, we are going to replace with the name of its wholly-owned subsidiary into its smartphones, but they will still have the title of “the Bike”, and it seems that the iconic M, and the shape of the wing of the bat, you are going to continue to exist. However, we do not know whether it will just adorn the instruments in the background.

The historical

Motorola OldOn the other hand, the Motorola is going to completely take over the division, mobile, from Lenovo, it has always been for the early successes, as much in Asia as in the rest of the world.

Motorola, for its part, had names that were in the story, as the DynaTAC and the hugely popular in the years of 2000 and the Motorola V3. More recently, after being acquired by Google, the company launched its line of Motorcycle-and has had considerable success in the Americas, but it was not from the region.

Despite the fact that the decision of Lenovo to seem sensible from a strategic point of view, some experts are wondering whether it is really wise to “kill” a landmark of such significance.

“We don't have a bad mark, but the ‘Motorola’ it means a lot,” said Carolina Milanesi of Kantar WorldPanel at CNET. When you buy a company out of the hands of Google in the year 2014, the chief executive officer of Lenovo, said in an interview: “this brand is our bond. We plan to not only protect you, but to make it stronger.”

When is it going to happen?

It is believed that the first smartphones that were released without the brand name Motorola is required to appear on the market in the world for a year, and we intend to introduce the equipment to the line in Moto in asian markets, as a number-of-devices “superpremium”. Where we will not yet be present, but Motorola is, yes, they will be posted to the devices with the cheaper chinese brand.

The story, although it does not have an impact only in Brazil, it brings a lot of uncertainty and questions for the fans of the brand here. Today, the company announced an adjustment of the salt in the prices of the Moto G and the Moto X Play, and all of its variants, which are also not liked very much, because it has been in the country for the icon of a cost-benefit analysis.

Source: Tecmundo

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